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Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss has certainly caught our attention this week with the announcement of her “bow legs” and the eagerly awaited launch of her collection with Topshop. Since turning 40, the supermodel claims

 “I feel happy. I turned 40 and I felt more comfortable in my skin, probably more comfortable than I ever have. It’s an actual feeling. I still feel nervous at times, but not as nervous.”

Her new found confidence and happiness translates within her designs by opting for a more sophisticated version of her own treasured pieces. Her personal style is embedded into the collection to give a sense of identity and maturity. Expect to find an eclectic mix of fringing, sequins and crepe satin alongside tailored pieces, trouser suits and floral printed shirts.

Kate Moss’ revelation is refreshing to hear, as many worry about turning 40 and lose confidence in their appearance. Use her words as inspiration and make sure you feel comfortable in your skin instead of focusing on age. If you would like some help in feeling great book a personal shopping trip today!!

What do you think of the collaboration?