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Lets Hear It for the Mums

Lets Hear It for the Mums

The month of March is all about mums with Mothering Sunday just around the corner. The day of the year where appreciation is shown via flowers, hugs, I love you’s, chocolates and breakfast in bed – heaven!!

We would love to show our appreciation to all the amazing mums out there who juggle 100 things at once on a daily basis – the working mum, the stay at home mum, the single mum……….the list continues.

All mothers have one thing in common – no time for themselves to put themselves first – now, we wouldn’t want it any other way yet our gift to you is expert style tips to help you feel confident on the school run, at the office, at the play group, lunch with friends – whatever your daily routine entails – we’ve got you covered.

Declutter your wardrobe. A closet full to the brim of unworn items makes your decision making so much more difficult whereas a well thought out, considered wardrobe provides so much more choice.

Preparation and organisation is key. From your capsule wardrobe plan your outfits for the week tailoring your attire to the arrangements in the diary. With only two minutes to spare your stylish outfit can be flung on in seconds.

Invest in key items that suit your lifestyle. Mums can easily be stylish yet practical with the edit available on the high street. Think about the constant bending over to comfort your child, the Saturday morning football duties, the chasing around the park – a mum-niform is required.

A pair of jeans – that fit well.

A warm stylish coat with pockets

Basic tees

A lighter layer – bomber, blazer

Comfortable shoes – boots, daps, flats

A few printed tees or blouses for interest

Tailored trousers

A jumpsuit

A few knits

The staple items can be teamed together in a variety of ways for the ultimate mum-niform. Pick items with detailing, colour, print and uniqueness to create an interesting, fun yet practical outfit. If you need a helping hand to select those key pieces get in touch.