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London Baby

London Baby

Hello All!

London Baby!!!

Our in-person 5-day Personal Styling course is on its way and ready for you to have a seat in London this September. We’re using all our experience to bring you a value-packed and unique training course, to not only give you everything you need to know to be a brilliant stylist, but also to set up your business and find your new clients. Because let’s face it – you need to be able to do both!

Our approach to training is hands-on and brings a contemporary approach to styling with a focus on styling real people, not just models for shoots. We’re there afterwards too with our Personal Stylists member’s community to support you and continually build your confidence in styling and business.

So let’s break down what’s included and how it all comes together to help you create your new life in the styling world.

Our London course is a 5-day fast-track course and covers:⁠

Body shape and Style personality

We cover body shape and Style personality so that your clients can embrace who they are, and feel incredible in their clothes every day⁠. In our body shape analysis course you’ll get familiar with different body types to help your client embrace her own unique shape, and know how to dress in a way she loves because it reflects her personality and is the perfect look for her.

We look at everything from clothing cut to fabric choices for each body type, and it’s all done really visually, to build your confidence in this important area.

Colour Analysis

Being able to help a client understand colour is one of the most poweful tools in a stylists kit and we teach our trainees how to carry out incredible colour consultations in a contemporary way that lets you break the rules when you or your client wants to!⁠

Our bespoke approach will help you to understand how to work with colour in a way that feels comfortable for you…because everyone is different! We’ll also share ways to use colour to maximise your business so that you can grow more quickly.  ⁠

Personal Shopping

Most of us love to shop! But shopping for clients is very different than shopping for yourself and this day is always filled with lighbulb moments.

When you join our course, you’ll be able to practice carrying out personal shopping consultations with real ‘clients’ in the amazing Westfield shopping centre. Emmeline highlights all the most successful ways of sourcing clothes and how to best shop for your clients with her network of industry specialists on hand to utilise, and getting to put it into practice there and then is incredibly valuable.


⁠Getting into your client’s wardrobe will be one of the most impactful things you’ll be able to do for her⁠. Emmeline our course leader and founder will show you the most effective ways to work with a wardrobe and you’ll walk away with a clear structure and an understanding of best practices after this part of your training. The wardrobe is a key part of your role as a stylist, with many saying it should be the first part of your journey with a client so you can really identify what is missing from your their existing wardrobe and start to build a picture of your client’s needs.

Business Devolpment

We know that being successful is about more than being a skilled stylist, so we help you with the business and mindset side too⁠. Business development is another key part of our course as we know that many of the people we train will set up independent businesses, and running a business is lot easier when someone is showing you the ropes. We’ll help you to get clear on how to set up and run a successful styling company and you’ll also have the opportunity to join a members community of stylists which is full of resources and support to help you as a stylist and to grow your network.

So to round up a quick piece from me Bethany…I am a trained stylist in the industry but I opted to expand my knowledge with Emmeline’s course as it just looked too good to miss! I have learnt so much and more with The Image Consulting Company course on how to make personal styling work as my dream career and business. I was wowed by the knowledge & detail the course offers. Learning with Emmeline really covers everything you need to know from style personality to the business development afterwards to set me up in the industry…not to mention the fact you can join a community members group full of stylists who are there to help with queries and development at the tips of your fingers.

The group has really helped me in so many ways to keep getting industry specialist guidance and to better my knowledge to continually develop as a successful stylist. My career in styling wouldn’t be as great without the knowledge and contacts I’ve taken from this course and community group!

When you book our 5-day courses, you’re getting the very most for your hard-earned money with our bulk discount. If fast-track training isn’t for you, however, we also offer training by the module, which is a great flexible way to pick and choose how and what you study. ⁠


You can find out all about the different options, including on-line, face to face, modular and fast track here.

We also know that sometimes, you just want to talk through the options and find out whether they are right for you….and our founder Emmeline loves nothing more than a virtual coffee and catch up.  We promise there’s no hard-sell…totally not our style – if we aren’t right for you, we’ll help you find the right option. You can book a quick fire chat with Emmeline here.