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Lucy meets…Dress Like a Mum

Lucy meets…Dress Like a Mum

By Lucy Eastment

On a sunny Wednesday morning I set off from Bristol to Bruton to the FMLY Store for the Dress Like A Mum event with Zoe de Pass. Zoe is a positive, sassy, colourful mum fashion blogger with over 76.5K followers on Instagram. Zoe shared her social media top tips, recent cruise trip tales and made us all chuckle with the croc-gate social media backlash story.

I was welcomed by the blooming beautiful Molly Gunn @SelfishMother. It was a relaxed friendly vibe as always in the FMLY store. After grabbing a drink & popping my question in the jar we gathered to listen to Molly and Zoe chat & answer the crowd’s questions.

How did you get so many Instagram followers?

A lot of it was to do with timing as there weren’t many Mums on Instagram. I was on maternity leave with my second child and my previous job was in brand strategy. I was posting 1-4 posts a day to build up content, used the right hashtags and it helped to get re-postings. Topshop reposted and I suddenly gained 1k followers. I use Twitter for reposts and Facebook for events and campaigns.

How do you balance motherhood and a successful career?

I balance it just about. I never feel I get ahead of it. I work at night. I work hard but I have limits –  I never check my phone in the playground or in bed. I take my children to events I relevant. I now employ another Mum to manage my inbox to take the pressure off.

How did you grow your brand?

Once I had my Instagram feed started. I was emailing companies and given vouchers to buy clothes. I was given things to do features but wasn’t making money from it. Clarks was the first brand that approached me.  I understood what could be done as a blogger/ influencer. I kept posting and orchestrated my voluntary redundancy at work and used the money to live on. I set up a case study for a brand.

Who are your influential Mums on Social Media?

Clemmie, it’s so funny when she gets recognised when we are out.

How do you have confidence in front of the camera 

It’s quicker to be confident than shy and I haven’t got time to be shy. Just smile and pose. Just go for it.

Who do you like to follow on Instagram? 

My friends –  Anna @MotherPukka and Clemmie @clemmie_telford, fashions and Interiors. I love @wordsmeetwalls

What do you do with your overspill of clothes?

My free clothes I give to charity. Also do second hand sales. There is a place in Balham for disadvantaged mothers.

Whats the best way for brands to approach influencers? 

Approach the influencers with an audience you want to target. They don’t have to have lots of followers. It’s more important they have the right followers

I enjoyed every minute of this event and looking forward to more meet-ups The FMLY Store have planned in months to come!

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