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Marie Thomas

Marie’s education background makes her a brand new addition to the industry, but what an addition she is. With a passion for slow fashion and sustainability, Marie is one of the best at sourcing great, timeless pieces and is a complete natural when it comes to working with people and their style. We’re so excited for her to put her spin on the industry. Read more about her below…

Describe yourself in a few key words… 

Approachable, creative, energetic, curious, sensitive.


What brought you to become an Image Consultant?

I wanted to follow my passion for style, sustainability and finding quality second hand clothes (and sometimes new!) for myself and others! Friends say I am already their stylist!!


What do you love most about your job?

Getting to meet and work with other people on a small group/1:1 basis to find/refresh their style and wardrobe; hunting for those desired items!


What inspires you? 

Fashion Revolution and Orsola de Castro, positive, open-minded and committed people, art, music and film.


What are your favourite brands and who are your favourite designers/influencers?

I do love some of Toast’s clothes and their approach; COS, Whistles.

Tend to buy mostly pre-loved, am a big charity shop shopper and swapper. I love @notbuyingnew and @enbrogue.


Tell us 3 things about yourself we don’t know…

  • I love walking in the hills and mountains
  • I speak Spanish and French
  • I used to be part of a collective organising fundraising African and Latin music gigs.


What is your style philosophy?

Be authentic, wear what feels right for you. Invest in timeless, good quality clothes if buying new. Reuse, remodel, repair, move on clothes.


Tell us your favourite quote or words of wisdom…

‘If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.’


What plans do you have for the future?

I would love to collaborate with other stylists to develop greater awareness of how we can use our power as consumers to create a fairer, cleaner fashion industry.