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Our Members Community

Join a thriving community

As a growing business we adopt the mindset of helping others be the best they can be, this includes individuals in the styling industry whether they have trained with us or elsewhere. Our business is all-inclusive and we have a wealth of individuals who take pride in being part of our team. We welcome any professional in the personal styling and related industries to join our thriving community for many opportunities. 

A brief history

When founder of The image Consulting Company Emmeline started this business in 2006 she found a lack of support in the industry for the modern day stylist with few other stylists who would welcome a connection or collaborate. This gave Emmeline the idea to ensure no other fellow stylist would feel excluded, intimidated or in competition specifically at crucial times of their business.

The growth of our team had a relatively holistic start with connections made through existing stylists working together to give team spirit to opportunities of collaboration. But after the birth of our training courses, it became apparent that stylists who had recently come in to the industry needed help to grow and so it was important to ensure we offered a platform of support to new and existing stylists.

How do we support our members? 

To help our members grow their business, incentivise and feel part of a team, we give our members access to;

  • Business mentoring
  • Online tutorials
  • Confidential community
  • Event opportunities
  • Styling projects
  • Workshops
  • Regular meet-ups
  • Client referrals
  • Business professionals

I used to think a lot of other stylists were intimidating but this has to be the best thing I've done for my business and self confidence, the team are so friendly and I've learnt a lot, I feel supported and can get answers when I need them. Thank you!

How does it work? 

We welcome new and existing stylists to join our team, naturally we want to ensure you share our values and so will organise to have a chat and discover how we can support you and your business. Once approved, we will welcome you to a private facebook group and ask a few questions to feature you on our website. The benefits and opportunities within the group will then be at your fingertips. We have two different member types to choose from depending on the level of support you need, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our team so you can start learning and growing your business instantly. Book a call with us to chat through your queries, or download our Member’s Community PDF for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I trained elsewhere?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to apply to become a member of our community wherever you studied in styling or another industry. We welcome new stylists, existing stylists and those considering a route in to styling.

What are the requirements to join?

There are many suitable candidates for our community; from influencers to business professionals, although a large majority of our team is made up of personal stylists. All that we ask of our members is to respect the ethos of our community and get involved in discussion regularly.

Who can join your team?

Our members community is based around personal/fashion styling & image consulting, all professionals from related industries are welcome within our team. However, if you are a business professional that feels you can add value and bring your skill set to our group there are always opportunities to explore, please contact us to discuss further

Can I join before I become a stylist?

Yes! Getting a head start is so important when considering your business tools for start-ups so wherever you are on your journey you are welcome to apply to our community

Will I gain clients?

The million dollar question! The answer is yes, sometimes. You will have opportunities to work with clients (voluntary or paid), although our aim is to help you grow your business to attract your own clients. Sometimes you could gain clients; this depends largely on your location, cost and target audience. However, we must stress that we are not categorically an agency to supply work to stylists, we offer business support to help you grow your own!

Is there a cost involved?

In order to cover basic costs within the group, we charge a fee relevant to the membership type. There is a one-off  joining fee of £50 followed by a monthly subscription of £20 (team member) or £50 (business member) please contact us for more information about each type.

What areas does the group cover?

We are a UK based business, with benefits to members in any regional location. Our face to face meet-ups are located in central London & Bristol although much of our content and engagement is online through digital meet-ups and within a private facebook group. We have stylists in various locations across the UK so there may be someone close to you. Please contact us for more information

How do I join?

Get in touch with us so we can organise a convenient time to chat, when we have a good insight to your requirements and an understanding of your business we will send across a simple form to complete to apply for access, we will then send a payment request and add you to our private facebook group. Following this we will ask a few questions for our website and request some pictures. You will gain everything you need within our group.

Our ethos is to empower other stylists in business to help them grow; to collaborate, support and build confidence, to offer opportunities that allow their own business to thrive