“Is it possible that you’re getting more handsome every time I see you?”
How many of us would long to hear those words? Well that’s the question David Beckham was asked back in 2011 when appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show over in the US and I think it would be fair to say he definitely is.
David Beckham is a family favourite. Children look up to him, mums fancy him and dads, well, they fancy him too and that’s ok, it really is. David Beckham is grace personified, he’s typically British, he loves his mum, he maintains a strong relationship with his wife and children despite a constant barrage of media attention and yet he remains constantly classy with an added twist of contemporary roughness.
Below are a few of my favourite pictures of David Beckham from photo shoots to day-to-day looks. In my opinion, this guy can really do no wrong.
In this first image we see Becks sporting nothing more than a classic crew neck tee and jeans. There has been many a debate over where David Beckham gets his crew neck tees from including the likes of Sunspel. By getting the fit spot on, DB shows us you don’t need fancy logos and images to look cool.

During the colder months it’s a safe bet that a good coat is going to be needed and David opts for a classic over coat here in this picture. His slick back hair, which has become a modern classic once again fits in perfectly with this timeless outfit whilst the scarf adds a real pop of colour.
The final image is a really cool statement outfit. The combination of baker boy hat, chunky knit and rugged boots give a real masculine feel to the overall image and yet when we look at the items underneath, just a plain crew and a pair of jeans we are instantly taken back to the first photo we looked at and reminded how simple and elegant Beckham’s personal style really is.

So do you agree or are you bored of the Beckham loving? I’d like to hear your thoughts and who you look up to stylistically over on Twitter @lukesvarc