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Menswear Wednesday: Specs Appeal

Menswear Wednesday: Specs Appeal

Hey, I’m Luke and I’m The image Consulting Company’s new male blogger, we haven’t had one for a while and I’m super excited to share some content with you all. I run my own blog called lukesvarc.com so if you fancy more, come and check me out there.

Finding the perfect pair of glasses for your face.
With the rise of ‘geek chic’ and the endless flurry of teenagers wearing dark framed bottle tops from River Island you’d be forgiven for thinking it was as simple as buying a pair of glasses on throwing them on. 

Glasses – credit the hommedepot.tumblr.com
As a man, looking to compliment your face by choosing the right pair of glasses should always be priority. This will include choosing the right shape for your face, the right colour and the right price. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure you’re not looking at your new pair of glasses through rose tinted spectacles.
1)   Find your face
You need the frames to contrast the shape of your face meaning if you are someone with a slightly oval face then square angled frames like the classic wayfarer will suit you best. On the other hand if you are lucky enough to be blessed with strong features and a solid jaw line going for a softer rounder frame will work well. It’s all about creating a visual balance.
2)   Consider hair colour and skin tone
 Adding colour to your frames may seem exciting and individual but just like clothes certain shades and tones can drain your complexion or clash with your hair colour. Generally black tones are a safe bet and will work well with darker hair where as a tortoiseshell will perfectly compliment lighter colours such as blonde and light brown hair.
3)   Size matters
 Even with glasses I’m afraid chaps. Frames come in many different shapes and sizes but it is important to make sure that they are in proportion to your face. Measure your face properly or get an optician to do so, paying special attention to the distance between your eyes.
4)   Stick to the classics
 Classic frames are so for a reason. From wayfarers to club masters, these glasses have stood the test of time and so do not be afraid of giving them a go This is one area where it is safe to follow the crowd, so long as it’s the one heading in the right direction.
5)   The boring bit
Considering things such as your day job and whether your children will treat your new frames as a play toy is massively important. A pair of glasses may work for an assistant buyer but not for a mechanic and taking into consideration materials and build quality will see you only having to invest once.

 Hope this helped guys, let me know if you have any menswear topics you’d like me cover. You can tweet me at @lukesvarc on Twitter.