It’s getting to that time of year. The sun is getting warmer, you can almost hear the sound of bottles being cracked open and the smell of sausages sizzling is in the air. When it’s time to ditch the work wear and to enjoy the sun you want to make sure that you’re doing so in style. Wearing shorts is not an excuse to take short cuts with your wardrobe.
I’ve compiled a short list of 5 ways to put a spring in your step this year and to make sure you don’t come up short when it comes to shorts. From budget to bold there is a style here to suit everyone.
The ASOS brand is the perfect starting point for shorts on a budget. With tons of styles you really can’t go wrong. Just caught the weather forecast and tomorrow looks like a heat wave? With ASOS Premier you can also get free next day delivery for a year. Perfect! The lightweight chino material will balance out the darker colour choice making this a cool choice this summer.

Not ready to ditch the jeans just yet? Go for a light blue pair of denim shorts giving off a relaxed, summer vibe. These shorts will look awesome paired will a plain white crew neck tee and a nice pair of vans.

If you’re the kind of guy that cares about his appearance whilst at the gym then these Converse shorts are for you. As well as being the perfect gym shorts in cotton sweat material these shorts will also look perfect teamed with a pair of fresh Havaianas for a laid back afternoon in the garden. 

If you’re the sort of guy that likes to make a statement and is dreaming of hotter climates then these Son of Wild shorts inspired by Middle Eastern patterns are just the ticket.

If you’re a label lover and like classic brands with modern twists you really can’t beat Ralph Lauren. These outstanding bird print shorts in a soft pink really give off a confident vibe and will have the ladies cooing over you this summer.

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