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Mind, Body & Confidence workshop

Mind, Body & Confidence workshop

Happy New Year! How is the start of your new year looking? Is this a time for a new start, fresh mind, new regime?
Whatever your plans, let us help you consider your direction with a fresh mind this year. We’ve got a workshop to help you shake off the January blues and re-balance your mindset with food, fashion & fitness.

Stylist Becky Barnes is joined by two key body positive experts; Mindful eating mentor Lisa & Personal Trainer Natalie, they will be talking to you about mindful ways to improve body confidence though your wardrobe, eating & fitness habits in a way you’ll feel good with and love!


Meet our body confidence influencers;

Becky Barnes: Image Consultant
Having experienced avenues of challenging body confidence issues personally, Becky talks to us about her journey with her career & clothes, she shares her favourite tips to help you dress with confidence and gives you an inspiring challenge to try at home that she’s tried and tested with surprising results that will truly get you thinking in a positive vibrant frame of mind when it comes to body confidence and your clothes.

Lisa Beasley: Mindful Eating expert and Global Ambassador for ‘The Body Image Movement’
Lisa’s mission is to help women stop dieting, by learning to relate to food & themselves differently. Like Becky, Lisa has her own experience to draw on and once she found Mindful Eating & Body Positivity became a ‘different woman!’

Lisa’s take on things compliments this workshop perfectly and she will help you eat whatever you want- guilt free! Lisa’s mindset changing approach has been recommended by many and she is part of a growing movement that will help you feel good about your food choices and your body. Forget feeling bad, this is about feeling good

Natalie Dowe: Personal Training Instructor
With over 20 years in the health & fitness industry, Natalie is big fan of empowering women to feel strong, feel good within and increase self-esteem. Educating a wide variety of people in the industry and those who want to feel strong and understand more about the body. Natalie reveals her secrets to getting stronger physically & mentally.

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Spaces are limited so book early!

The Venue
Bakesmiths is a popular eatery in a bustling part of Bristol. With an array of naughty & nice treats to choose from it’s a venue that offers comfort, style and inspiration for the type event you’ll be attending. Great location for photo’s too! We will be located on the upper floor.

What’s included;

  • Interactive talk
  • Tips, methods, challenges
  • Opportunity to meet like minded women
  • Q&A
  • Water, Hot Drink, Treats!

We will provide light bites but you are welcome to purchase any other food or drink to consume during the workshop. Lunch is very good at Bakesmiths! You might want to allow some more time and stay a little longer in the main eatery after the event.

Time 10am-12pm
On the upper floor private room.


For all enquiries regarding this event or for more information about us, please contact Emmeline: es@theimageconsultingcompany.co.uk or visitwww.theimageconsco.co.uk



We look forward to meeting you!