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How much can we really do?

How much can we really do?

Tomorrow is a significant day for many women, Weds 8th March is International Women’s Day: A campaign to promote equality – a better working, more inclusive, gender equal world. What are your thoughts on this?

As a keen business woman that started this business 10 years ago focused on empowering other women to feel more self confident, I’m wondering how far we have to go to promote gender equal responsibilities in life, not just the work place.

I’ve always been a touch feminist, although I wasn’t named after the great suffragette, I’ve been bred by strong independent women who raised my sister and I to believe we can do anything – we don’t need a man to do it for us. Whilst I am a strong supporter of this view, we still need the male species to procreate (more women of course) and quite frankly do the things women simply can not do.

However, a question I asked the team recently was “what has been your biggest challenge as a woman in life” the generic answer – To do it all.
To juggle.
To be everything to everyone.
To be everywhere at all times.

If you’re a mother you’ll associate with this more so, but it left me thinking – let’s propose that as International Womens Day stats suggest – we won’t close the gender equality gap until 2186, what then? Not only do we have to do it all – will we have more expected of us? Surely we’re doing IT ALL already.

Mother nature suggests a woman is the best person for some things, the man for others….by closing the gap does that mean that men do all the crap that WE as women HAVE do? Or are we considering closing the gap to add more to our ever growing workload? Hmmmm. It’s left me pondering. I’m a busy life juggling sole parent myself and really don’t have time to ponder for too long of course but I’m keen to hear your views on this one. Is it just me?

In the meantime, we’re here to save you time and money. Take our 5 time-saving wardrobe tips so that’s one less thing for you to juggle:

1. Be wardrobe savvy. Plan your wardrobe effectively that suits your lifestyle. Create a capsule wardrobe if it works for you: if you don’t have time to do it – let a stylist plan and create one for you using your own clothes and no extra spend
2. Save not splurge. Invest in the right items, buy things you NEED when you shop. If you love it have it. If you’re in two minds put it back.
3. Plan your outfits the evening before or get up 10 mins earlier to procrastinate over your options v’s weather v’s mood. Life is easier when you have a wardrobe that works for you.
4. Ask for help. Sometimes we’re just a bit too proud. No one actually judges you the way you might believe – if you don’t know ask. It could be a friends opinion or a professional. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.
5. Slow down. Be mindful. I should take my own advice more often. But when I do – it works! when I consider my wardrobe choices more carefully I get a better result rather than rushing to do everything all at once sometimes it’s better to just focus on one thing at a time and don’t procrastinate for too long on one thing.

When life throws you lemons and all that…we’re real women empowering other women so drop us a line if you’d like our support too, we like to think we can do it all, but there’s a few of us to answer your questions, so fire away. It’s what we’re here for… 

International Womens Day Wednesday 8th March 2017