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Mums on the run!

Mums on the run!

Do style & kids really mix?

With half term break almost over for many parents, we’re focused on style rules you can make and those you can break to ensure you’re not compromising on feeling good in your clothes whether you’re juggling working life as a mum or taking a break and getting down and dirty in paint or mud. Style & kids really can work and we’re here to show you how

It’s not about how you look

You may be savvy to advice that suggests it doesn’t matter how you look when you’re with the kids, in particular young children that are going to rub their little mitts on your silk shirt if you dare to wear one, however, let’s not focus on HOW you look, let’s discover the way you FEEL when you wear clothes that bring excitement.

I’m saving it for best

Wearing your scruffs when you’re heading for a muddy park might be the answer but do those clothes have to be the worst in your wardrobe? – those that actually make you feel at your worst? One key piece of advice our stylists are savvy to are never saving things for best because at the end of the day when exactly are we going to wear them?!

Be more yumsy

We’re not saying you should don your cashmere to a playdough party (but heck why not if you don’t ever wear it, it looks good, feels great and it makes an outing?!) BUT perhaps consider putting on at least one item that makes you feel less mumsy and more yumsy!

The new mumniform

In time, the cycle of your wardrobe will be as such that your current ‘best’ items will become your play date uniform and less of your more recent ‘best’ items will be saved for days without the kids. Make your mumniform resonate your sense of style and give a feeling of happiness, confidence and excitement whatever the occasion.

Mums that get it spot on!

These style savvy influencers always seem to get it spot on





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