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My Personal Style Resolution

My Personal Style Resolution

My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to “practice what I preach”

After a hectic few months and Christmas to contend with my wardrobe was getting out of control – I assure you this is not an exaggeration!!!!

I decided to tackle this head on using the exact same guidelines of my Wardrobe Top Tips: Week One post. When I moved into my flat over a year ago I was very fortunate to inherit two sets of built in wardrobes, which opened up lots of room for storage (and hiding space).

The worst area was the shelf section, which consists of 5 shelves and was starting to resemble a jumble sale (again no exaggeration). This part of the second wardrobe stores my knits, trousers and shoes so I began sorting out my jeans and sweaters into YES, NO and MAYBE piles. The YES pile is now folded neatly back onto the shelves in product and colour and my NO and MAYBE piles are in a large bag waiting to be tried on to make sure they no longer suit my body shape (low rise jeans and trousers are on their way out due to My Personal Fashion Dilemmas Answered post).

I felt proud of my achievement and I was able to access my leggings easily this morning. I hope this inspires you to start your own wardrobe makeover as we are all guilty for letting are organisation slip once in a while aren’t we?? Our stylists here are happy to help with the task : )

Join me on my journey of transforming my wardrobe to start the New Year with an organised and neat closet!!

Resembles my shelf storage!!