When discussing colour with our clients many declare that black is the shade that they claim to feel most comfortable in. However, as a neutral base that can be teamed with a variety of colours navy is a warmer substitute. Of course, black can be worn in small doses but preferably away from the face such as a pair of trousers or within a print.

Navy can still provide the same comfort and security that black does but without the harsh contrast. Trust us, it will be an easy transition as navy is not a far move from the chosen colour that many hide behind and can still be used as a foundation to any outfit. The shade can be worn as a blazer, dress, trousers or skirt, which can be effortlessly teamed with an array of colours.

Do you wear navy? If not, the next time you buy a wardrobe staple choose navy to form a warm basis to your outfit – you will not be disappointed!!