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New Years Eve Outfit Solutions

New Years Eve Outfit Solutions

So the big night of the year is drawing closer and plans have been made. Some people feel a lot of pressure to wear the most extravagant outfit that ever existed!!!! Countless times I have hit the shops to find the ‘perfect New Years Eve’ outfit, spending money on an outfit that I have only worn once! My advice is to look back at previous ‘must have’ outfits and experiment with these to create a new showstopper! Don’t get me wrong if you have already seen/purchased an incredible outfit then certainly wear it tonight but my message is don’t buy for the sake of it.

My choice is my deep red velvet dress with sparkles as I mentioned in my Christmas Day Outfit Solutions post. As I browse the shops I see a few versions of my dress I bought 3 years ago, which I was tempted to buy before realising my dress was at home waiting to celebrate the New Year once again!! I decided I would prefer to buy a new and exciting item to add to my wardrobe that enhanced my look and was needed.

My advice is to make use of your the items in your wardrobe that you already own. It is easy to fall into the habit of buying for the sake of it rather than spending wisely and realising that during the festive season similar trends appear. Maybe this year you will add a new top to a gorgeous skirt, a statement blazer to your lace dress or a new hairstyle to make you feel special.

Happy New Year from all at The Image Consulting Company!!! I look forward to 2014 with more style advice to share : )