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One very good reason to watch this space…

One very good reason to watch this space…


Rosie Franklin. Know that name? Ring a bell? Maybe not yet. Or perhaps you remember the ‘Social Stylist’ competition our stylist Emmeline presented alongside SouthGate in Bath in 2013 to find some talented and unique social stylists to help them release their inner creativity? Either way we’re throwing back this Thursday to see what happened to one of those winners….

Recently, we caught up with the youngest of the winners: Rosie Franklin to discover her illustrative talents aren’t going to waste.  Find out what she’s doing after her success in the competition

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.30.03

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.10.35“Rosie, when we last met you were sweet 17, you’re now 20 so what’s happened in the last 3 years?” I’m a grown up! I finished my a levels, not really knowing what direction I was going to move in with my Art qualification, I moved out of home and came to Winchester to study textiles and I am absolutely loving it. I’m in my first year and there has been a lot to do already, but I’m looking forward to the future, it’s so exciting. Oh and I knit now too, it’s my absolute favourite hobby”

“When we met for the social stylist competition, you loved socks. Remember the sock wall in Topshop?!” I still love socks! When it’s colder I’m in tights but the socks are great with pumps in the summer.

“Do you still wear the clothes you bought for the competition?” If I haven’t worn them to death, yes! I loved everything I bought and was so pleased I had the opportunity and still love the style I liked wearing then

“You had a great passion for vintage, is that still apparent?” Very much so. I recently took my first trip to Camden market and I was sooooo excited, I’m in love with the place, it is very much my style and tooooo much to take in at once. I can’t wait to go back [Rosie beams excitedly]

“What’s your favourite high street shop at the moment?” I really like looking for things that suit my style so I always shop around and on a budget. Anthropolgy is a store I’m inspired by but I’m an avid ebayer and I’m happy looking in charity shops and always find something to suit my style. I have a good understanding of what I love and putting things together tailored for my look so I find it easy to shop”

“What do you love about fashion?” Its versatility, it’s for anyone, you can make it anything you want it to be – the possibilities are endless. I personally love colour, textures and prints, particularly handmade and knitted items

“Where do you see your future?” In print. Textiles and design. I love continuous line drawing, it’s my style. I love London so maybe I’ll spend more time there too, there’s a lot to learn right now, but one step at a time

Emmeline comments: “Seeing Rosie’s zest for life, her love and understanding of fashion is inspiring to say the least, I have much adoration for Rosie and hope she stays in touch with us when she conquers the mighty world of the F word!!”

Check out some of Rosie’s work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosie.franklin/

Interested in Rosie’s work? Or being perhaps you have your own fashionable style that you want to show off??…GET IN TOUCH 

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