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Personal Stylist Training

There has never been a better time to become a Personal stylist. Why?

Our industry is on the rise with an increase in ‘everyday’ women reaching out for help in their wardrobes needing a good dose of body confidence boosting. Being a Personal Stylist is a rewarding career path for many reasons;

  • Helping women ‘come alive’ in their clothes 
  • Working with people you enjoy
  • Making a positive impact on others 
  • Financially rewarding

Busting the myths

There are many misconceptions about the role of a personal stylist; long gone are the days this profession is serving celebrities and wealthy individuals alone. Personal Styling carries many different paths, it’s becoming a popular service on the high street and we simply don’t have enough quality stylists in the industry to work with the women that really need your help.

Styling is for anyone

Whatever your background, age group or location, you can study to be a Personal Stylist for women in as little as 5 days. You don’t need to have a creative or fashion background to be a successful stylist. If you:

 – Work well with people
 – Are a good communicator
 – Like to boost other peoples confidence

 – Enjoy clothes
 – Would like to work for yourself 

This could be a good choice for you. So, how do you get there? We have flexible training and support options available to give you quality training and a boost in your business. Take advantage of a complimentary call with our founder to discover is this is right for you and read on for more details. 

Quality training in 5 modules

There are 5 key areas that should be studied to qualify as a Personal Stylist. You can study all modules in one go or break it down to one at a time with our flexible training options. See below for more details of what’s included in each section

Course details

Day 1 – Introduction to Personal Styling and Colour Analysis

Gain an understanding of how you can operate as a personal stylist and the basic skills required to excel in your business. We will be working through basic levels of colour theory, a seasonal and tonal approach to colours, colour psychology and practical guidance when carrying out a colour consultation.


Day 2 – Style Personality, Body shapes and proportions

Guiding you through ways to work with different personality types and understand how to select clothes for different types. Also working through an understanding of 5 basic body shapes and how to dress according to the rules, we then look at different proportions of the body to guide you in finding the right clothes for varied shapes.


Day 3 – Wardrobe Management

Working through the process of a wardrobe edit, giving you an understanding of decluttering a clients wardrobe, how to recreate outfits, folding and hanging techniques, general maintenance and a personalised view on your own wardrobe


Day 4 – Personal Shopping

Learning how to work effectively as a personal shopper and using this as part of your styling services, this module will have you working on a real client and show you the process of shopping in store, out of store, online and with your client


Day 5 – Business Development

Giving you the knowledge to brush up your business skills or start from scratch. Often stylists don’t know where to start or how to market and run a successful business to maximise results. This day’s learnings will guide you through: Action plans, marketing, digital media, goals, navigating your accounts and ultimately how to gain clients. A personalised and intense but enjoyable session of learning how this path is going to be a success for you.

Flexible options

Our Personal Stylist Training options have been unique developed to provide flexibility at a high standard whether you’re studying for a new career path or looking to brush up your skills or develop further. You can join us for the full training course, drop in to different modules or have something tailored to your needs. Here are 3 options to choose from :

  • Fast track training course; 5 day course; Ideal for those looking to excel through an intensive course. 
  • Pay as you go modules; Ideal for those looking to take things at a pace or spread the cost. 
  • Bespoke one to one training; Ideal for those who want training to work around their schedule or have specific requirements. 

Fast track course

Fast track training

This is for you if you want to proceed with speed and take your learning to another level. Study online or on location in Bristol or London across 5 days. Ideal for beginners or intermediates. Online training is a self study course with optional accountability sessions and in person practical sessions for hands on experience after training. On location training is 5 consecutive days; Monday-Friday. The hours of both are 10am-4pm

Bristol / London /Online £1,995 

Monthly Modules

Monthly modules

Our monthly digital learning program consists of each of our modules one at a time to help you maximise your budget, balance your time and learn as you go. These modules form part of our online self study training academy that offers optional accountability sessions as part of the course and practical experience opportunities after your training (additional fee applies)

Online. £500 per module 

One to One

One to one bespoke training

Perhaps you prefer to do things in your own time, maybe you want your business plans developed quickly or you have some skills that you’re looking to brush up or compliment an existing career. Studying any element of our training course and learning directly so there’s priority focus on your business is exactly what’s on offer when you study one to one.

You will gain the skills you need, whether its’ building confidence or learning something new. Ultimately you will gain a better business understanding devoted specifically to you.

Ideal for those who prefer a personalised experience; for new and existing stylists. Online or on location.

Online or on location. From £750 per day

Easy to reach locations

Our training courses take place in 2 major UK locations and in the comfort of your own home;

Study options

More details about how we will work with you to provide great results

On location

Our location based training courses take place in two easy access locations in the south of the UK; Bristol & London. We have access to facilities that help us ensure you receive quality training with practical hands on experience.

You will study in a private setting working through each module within your training manual receiving tuition throughout followed by practical sessions in a live environment working with other stylists in your group. Each module is detailed, not only will you learn the rules of styling, you will have a greater understanding of how to adapt these to different situations and how to build your clients confidence.

You will have worksheets, a full detailed manual and assessment papers. You will also be asked to complete a case study at the end of your training to provide us with evidence of your skill set in order to complete the course and receive certification.

We run our location based training typically from 10am-4pm with breaks in between.  Spaces on our location based courses are limited to ensure maximum results.



Our Personal Stylist Training Course has been uniquely developed to provide the same quality course online as in person, working at a pace that suits you. We will provide access to an online portal in which you can study any module at any time that you sign up to. Our online training is unique, in that we support you throughout your training as much or as little as you wish. We provide you with optional touch base points and the chance to meet after your training to experience hands on practical learning*

We are here to support you all the way for as long as you need it and have a community of support waiting just round the corner.

*additional cost



Find something that suits your needs and book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Fast Track Course

This is for you if you want to proceed with speed and take your learning to another level in a short space of time. This intense course is ideal for beginners or intermediates.

LONDON: 21st-25th March 2022 / 26th-30th September 2022

BRISTOL: 7th-11th March 2022 / 10th-14th October 2022

Monthly Modules

Our monthly modules are now provided to you through an online self study portal. Please ask us for more information to access our course modules. 


The link above will take you to reserve a call with our team who will share information and book you on to the relevant course

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First, let’s chat! Our founder Emmeline is always keen to get to know you better to ensure our courses are right for you and will give you the quality training you are looking for.  Talk to Emmeline by booking a call here

On confirmation of your space on our course we will send you the information you need to complete your booking and request a 25% deposit for the agreed time you will be training.

Currently available in the UK only.

Who can study on your training courses?

We are a UK based training provider, whatever the level of your existing skill we’re confident our training options are suitable for you whether you’re starting from scratch, brushing up your skills or want further learning. This is a beginners to intermediate level course.

We also offer advanced one day courses for those looking to go further; Mens Style, Advanced Colour & Style, Life Coaching for stylists
Please ask us for more details

Please note we currently only provide our training course material in English only.

What's included?

Here’s what you get with our training course:

– Comprehensive colour manual with everything you need to learn
– Colour fabric swatches
– Links to supporting material
– Full day training, live and face to face with a tutor
– Real life case study to work with
– Discovery call; make sure we’re the right fit for you

After training:
– Drop in sessions on location; an opportunity to meet like minded stylists and make sure you’re learning is on the right track to brush up your skills
– Live touch points to discuss your progress after training
– Exclusive community support group

I’ve been a fashion blogger for years but after training with The Image Consulting Company I’ve learned so much and really grown into the role of stylist. If you’re thinking about it, I’d say do it! It’s so worth it.

-Karen Goodbrand

“The course was really well structured and presented. All my questions were answered. I’ve gained so much confidence from doing it and it’s opened up so many opportunities for me. I cannot recommend it enough!”

-Hannah Davies

Still unsure if Personal Styling is right for you?

Join our event ‘How to make your love of clothes work for you’ to find out more about whether Personal Styling is a journey you would like to take