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Bristol Fashion Week Festival – Stylist Talks

Bristol Fashion Week Festival – Stylist Talks

 Wednesday 3rd April – Sunday 7th April, 2019 @ The Mall at Cribbs Causeway


Founder of The image Consulting Co, Emmeline Stevens, presents a range of experienced stylists to bring you a series of short, focused talks & workshops to boost confidence and help you shop for feel-good fashion at The Mall. Joining Emmeline on stage for some positive interaction is:

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Wednesday 3rd April – Style at any age with Brigitte Ward

Brigitte has recently started a popular Facebook group focused on women around the age of menopause. As a stylish mum of older children herself, she wants to change the way people think about feeling 50. Brigitte’s classy style isan inspiration to women of all ages; style doesn’t have an age limit, you can feel confident in your clothes whoever you are. In this talk, Brigitte will be working through the ages from 20s to 60s to help you understand how to adapt a trend or item of clothing to be suitable for your mindset & lifestyle, and how to wear ‘age-appropriate’ items without feeling frumpy. Walk away feeling uplifted and knowledgeable, with clarity about what you could and can be wearing that will boost your confidence whatever your age.

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Thursday 4th April – Define your style with Karen Lowe

One of the first steps to undertake if you’re looking to increase confidence in your clothes is to understand your style personality, and how to translate this to a wardrobe full of feel-good fashion. Karen will be helping you understand how any individual can identify their own style, what to shop for, where to shop and how to create a manageable capsule of clothes that results in stress-free dressing and a big dose of body confidence. In this short workshop Karen will kick-start your confidence to help you identify your perfect style.

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Friday 5th April – Breaking the rules of colour with Becky Barnes

Understanding how to wear the right colours is paramount to feeling good in your clothes. Stylist Becky will touch on the basic rules of colour, but more importantly help you understand how to wear colour and how to break the rules to suit your style. Taking your thoughts outside of the box, Becky will help you learn how to step out of black and feel confident in colour.

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Saturday – Back to basics: Boost your clothes confidence with Karen Goodbrand

Style guru and popular Instagrammer Karen has recently found herself going back to basics with her style, based on what she knows best about her personality, shape and what works for her lifestyle. Basic doesn’t mean boring, her followers will tell you that! Karen will be taking a look at how to maximise stylish basics to boost confidence, with details on how you can easily identify the best high street styles for you.

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Sunday – Body confidence with your shape with Becky Barnes

Knowing your body shape, as well as what and how to wear items to compliment it, baffles the best of us. Becky breaks it down with easy-to-understand jargon and a host of styles to inspire any shape. Becky will be taking a look at key body shapes/proportions and how to maximise stylish basics to boost confidence in relation to any given body shape, along with details on how you can easily identify the best styles for you.