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Charity Style Sale

Charity Style Sale

October 2018
Tickets available soon

After a successful charity Style Swap event last Winter, we’re delighted to invite you to an event you can get involved in AND make money whilst taking advantage of our stylists expertise.

We all have things in our wardrobes we don’t need right? We like to donate our items on occasion but can’t always see where our clothes are going and considering we’ve spent our hard-earned cash on the goods, we’d like to put some money in our back pocket, sound familiar? This is what we’ve experienced with many clients, so we’ve got the solution to see your clothes go to a good home and you get some money back too.

Our Style Sale will appeal to many women of varied ages, shapes and sizes. With a room brimming with quality clothes, shoes, accessories and brands you wear everyday, all of our guests will be in for a treat. Whether you’re a shopper or a seller, our early summer evening event will be a stylish party that will bring many women together for good fun and shopping. Our stylists will also be on hand to offer style advice and make sure you find the right fit and styles that compliment you perfectly.

What’s more, we will be raising funds for a charity carefully selected by our stylists and offering great prizes in our raffle on the evening too. This popular event will appeal to ladies who like to shop and those who don’t, it will appeal to those who are looking for good value, quality and an opportunity to meet like-minded women whilst enjoying a welcome, friendly evening with our stylists.

How does it work? 
Come as a shopper. Come as a seller.

As a seller: Buy a pitch for just £30 Bring your own rail and set up your own ‘pop-up’ shop, sell your items for as much or as little as you wish, bring as many or as few items as you choose with the added bonus you can shop for other items in an exclusive preview before the doors open.
Book your pitch – get in touch HERE

As a shopper: Access to a wide range of quality items, professional style advice, charity raffle

Location: To Be Confirmed

Things you should know:

  • Women’s clothes, shoes & accessories
  • Good quality items
  • Pitch price is for one pitch + one person only
  • One pitch size only, dimensions on request. You will have ample space for a table and a rail or 2-3 small/medium rails. Please ask for advice and request a table prior to the event if required. You can buy more than one pitch if you wish.
  • All items displayed and sold at owners discretion/risk.
  • Brands/non-sellers of second hand goods are welcome to apply for a pitch. Subject to availability and product. Strictly no MLM or hard sellers.