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With Penny Gunter

1pm – 3pm / Friday 10th July, 2020 / Online


We have all experienced a certain level of stress with our wardrobes – too much, too little, wrong sizes, wrong colours and never anything to wear. This workshop is designed to help alleviate the stress from your wardrobe and help you build confidence to having a wardrobe that works for you so you can feel more empowered when you dress.


In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to build confidence with your wardrobe
  • Ways to make the right choices for you and your wardrobe
  • How to alleviate stress
  • Ways to discover your style personality
  • How to dress with confidence everyday
  • Ways to elevate your look and feel confident in your clothes 


This workshop will be hosted by our fabulous stylist Penny, who is passionate and dedicated to bringing her clients the key to ‘stress-free style’. Join her for these two hours where she will bring her styling expertise and experience working with clients to help transform your wardrobe to one that fills you with the confidence you deserve.

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