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Margaret, Bristol

Client: Clarify colourings, re-organise wardrobe, understanding best outfit choices.

Brief: Margarets very organised closet looked great but was bursting at the seams. Whilst confused by her colourings and plenty of poor advice, we set aside a proportion of time to go through a head to toe style consultation step by step – a little at a time covering all aspects Margaret is in need of. A large de-cluttering session later, colour analysing, make-up & hair discussions and out pops a fresh approach to Margarets wardrobe with clear direction.

Comments: “As a colour and style consultant I can highly recommend Emmeline. Emmeline is efficient and thorough but makes the whole experience such fun. From decluttering the wardrobe to purchasing items in the new found colour combinations Emmeline executes it all in a warm and caring fashion without any pressure. Thank you.”