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MIND, BODY & CONFIDENCE with Natalie Daley


With Natalie Daley

10am – 12pm / 17th April, 2021 / Online


We’re currently living in a world where so much information is thrown at us on a day to day basis about what we should look like, how we dress, what we should be feeling, thinking and doing, quite frankly it can be completely overwhelming at the best of times. So who picks you up when you need a nudge in the right direction, and gives you the tools you need to feel confident in your body, and your clothes on a day-to-day basis?

Stop for a minute and let fab stylist Natalie help you create a healthier attitude to your body and your style, with a boost of confidence to help you move forward feeling the best you every single day.

This interactive workshop will give you the kickstart you need feel confident as we ease out of lockdown and begin to return to normal life. You’ll walk away refreshed with valuable knowledge to put in to place to increase your body confidence, and make sure you have a wardrobe that speaks your language.


You will experience:

– How to increase body confidence through your clothes

– A better understanding of your style personality to increase your self esteem

– How colour affects our mood and what you can do to make a positive change

– Manageable lifestyle changes that will make a positive impact on your wellbeing

– Ways to change negative self-talk to a positive frame of mind


Body confidence through your clothes

We all suffer with body confidence issues from time to time, sometimes this is out of our control, but many times we are able to change the way we see ourselves through a change in mindset and how we wear our clothes. Personal stylist Natalie has a wealth of training equipping her with the ideal skills to help boost your confidence in your clothes. She is passionate about helping everyone look and feel their best every single day, and is determined to boost confidence and self-esteem in this short session.

Natalie will be your body confidence booster throughout this workshop and will make sure you leave with some personalised tools to help you move forward. You will be able to identify your style personality type to make better wardrobe choices, have a greater understanding of the impact and importance of colour, and feel lifted with a healthier mindset around your body.

Cost: £15pp

Learn more about Natalie HERE and visit her website https://styleconfidencedaley.com/index.html


Cost: £15pp