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We’re passionate about personal styling and the benefits to real women of working with them to embrace their style personality and feel amazing in their clothes and we train people across the UK every year to do just that.

We firmly believe that it’s our duty to help you thrive in your personal styling business so this workshop will give you more than a taste of personal styling…. we’ll be sharing our secrets to being a successful personal stylist and you’ll take away some valuable learning, key skills and a foundation in which to build your business upon.

We’ll also give you an enticing offer you’ll find hard to refuse whether you’re an existing stylist, you want to become a stylist or you just want a bite size chunk of what could come.

We believe when you train as a personal stylist, it should be an enjoyable, friendly experience and exceed your expectations. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The real reason people are using personal stylists
  • How to make good connections with a client
  • How to discover individual style personality
  • Why colour is an important tool to work with, but not as you know it
  • How body shapes don’t come in boxes so you can think outside of the box
  • How capsule wardrobes are different to minimal
  • How to create a shopping experience like no other
  • How we can help you take your business to another level

We also believe that whether you decide to explore personal styling as a career path, side hustle or just for fun that you should have access to:

  • A quality, interactive, live training course that gives you every skill required of a personal stylist
  • Flexible options to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle
  • A course that gives you authentic foundations of styling and gives you the opportunity to use your skills in a way that works for you
  • A fresh, modern outlook that helps you flex the rules and think outside the box
  • Good value, budget friendly options
  • Great reviews
  • Multiple options
  • Ongoing business support and mentoring

This 2 hour interactive event takes place online through Zoom – nothing to prepare, we’ll email you the link to join the event shortly before the start time. Please reserve your space by clicking on the button and finding the most suitable date for you. Once you have selected a date, this will take you through to complete your reservation for this event. Please note there are limited spaces on each workshop. Cost: £20pp

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