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Rosie, Bristol

Update, inspire and re-style existing wardrobe to understand best way forward with styles that suit

Brief: A gift from her boyfriend who wanted a special well considered surprise that would give Rosie the confidence she’s looking for in her wardrobe. Rosie was in need of directing her wardrobe to new heights by re working outfits and decluttering items no longer loved whilst creating a shopping list she can be inspired by and stick to!

Comments: “My styling session with Emmeline was a birthday present from my boyfriend, and it turned out to the best gift I’ve had in years. This is going to sound cheesy, but it really was the gift of confidence. I’d become so frustrated with my own wardrobe, which was full of things I loved but had no idea how to wear. I ended up wearing jeans and a hoodie most days, which made me feel pretty bland and boring. Being a grown woman, yet finding yourself on the brink of tears because you can’t dress yourself properly: it’s not a fun feeling. Emmeline’s session was brilliant. She gave me loads of insightful, interesting advice, so now getting dressed is actually great fun, rather than a daily source of stress. She showed me how to use what I already have, rather than buying a whole new wardrobe – it’s amazing to discover that you already have lots of stuff that looks great, and that all you needed was someone to show you the best way to wear it. I wholeheartedly recommend Emmeline and her styling sessions. You’ll get so much out of them, and have a lovely time while you’re at it – Emmeline is as friendly and easygoing as she is professional”