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Pret-A-Portea: Cocktails Meets Style at Bath in Fashion

Pret-A-Portea: Cocktails Meets Style at Bath in Fashion

Last Saturday marked our collaboration with The Porter and Bath in Fashion for a mix of cocktails and style. The pavillion was arranged with a set of table and chairs with scrumptious cakes and the option of coffee/tea – which soon was to be replaced with a selection of designer inspired cocktails!!!

Whilst sipping on the gorgeous cocktails the ladies had the fabulous opportunity to talk about style advice with the lovely Emmeline and Amy. Focusing on three designers in particular – Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Barara Hulanicki – we picked dresses that were influenced by the creatives from Jigsaw, Coast and Ted Baker. The drinks were carefully made with the fashion designers in mind with ingredients and even the choice of glass taken into consideration for the overall perfect look – head to The Porter for more information on the cocktails demonstrated at the event.

We were easily able to find an Chanel inspired dress and jacket from Jigsaw, which oozed elegance and sophistication. The bright pink tailored dress was teamed with a tweed box jacket with gold statement buttons, which matched our brief perfectly. Coast provided a stunning layered dress for our Vivienne Westwood number and Ted Baker supplied a shift dress with a unique pop art inspired print for our Biba look. We found it was amazing to see what great designer influenced pieces we could find on the high street!

Whilst each cocktail was enjoyed by many we were able to talk at ease about purchasing investment pieces that last, how to dress for your body shape, projecting confidence and how to inject colour into your wardrobe – plus so much more. It was great to interact with the ladies and talk about their personal style issues. We were available to talk as a group and privately about fashion preferences and dilemmas. A fantastic event!!

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