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How to put the Spring back in your step

How to put the Spring back in your step

No sooner have we swept the festive season under the carpet, tripped over the last of sale stock buried our heads under our grey chunky knits to discover…Spring is here? Where are the daff’s?

Ok, no blue skies or spring florals in full bloom just yet…but we’re not talking ACTUAL spring, of course we’re talking clothes. Yup, Spring/Summer is on your doorstep with every eager retailer opening the doors in full swing with their new stock just waiting to take your precious £’s

So before you blow your long awaited pay packet on more winter woolies, let us put a touch of Spring back in your step and guide you on the right track…Here is a soft start to Spring with 3 key fail-safe trends to kick-start your season. Click for info

The Trend:  Big sleeves. Puffy Sleeves. Fluffy Sleeves. Frilly Sleeves. Silly Sleeves.
You get the idea. It’s all about sleeves. Move over Mary Poppins, you can fit more in these sleeves than a new mum and her nappy bag. Forget the nappy bag when you’ve got sleeves like these! Impractical? Yes. Pretty damn cool? Yes. Stylish? Of course. You want a nod to the trends without uber styling it up? – stick with simple detail on the forearms, this is the trend EVERY retail will be making sure you’re heading out the door with this season. We love…

The Trend: Bright. Just Bright
If it ain’t bright, it ain’t right. This season you will find not one, not two but at least three key bright bold colours in your face wherever you go. Time to transport your mind to summer days ahead and plunge in to a bright bold new season. If you’ve got a warm skin tone head for Yellow & Orange, while fair/cool skin tones should embrace bright Blue & Shocking Pink

The Trend: Chevron..and on and on
For the mono lovers, your time’s not over yet. The way to do B&W this season? A new take on the stripe: Chevron, Zig-Zag..whatever you want to call it. A new pattern trend is hitting the high street and works well with both trends above for a fresh take on Spring

Before you hit the stores, take a few of our top tips to help you save your precious £’s

  1. Always go for quality over quantity
  2. Don’t splurge; mindful thinking…do you REALLY need it?
  3. Recreate the wardrobe first; know your wardrobe and love your existing clothes to maximise their lifespan, don’t keep adding new clothes and over cluttering again, book a stylist to help you find new outfits and create a shopping list that is complimentary, stylish and inspiring
  4. Spend on items that will see you through a few months or longer
  5. Save on one hit wonders; items that are in season now – but won’t be in the next month


So what will you be buying after payday? Or will you be stashing your cash up your big frilly sleeves?!
Just a little re-jig of the wardrobe takes the blues out of January for us – what works for you?

Image credits: Pinterest @theimageconsco