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Quick fire ways to discover your Style Personality

Quick fire ways to discover your Style Personality

There are reasons we choose to wear the clothes we do. Our external environment has an impact, we’re influenced by others; sometimes from childhood, friends or colleagues although often we choose our clothes because of our characteristics; our inner driver, our unique sense of self or more commonly known as our gut feeling. We like to call this your ‘Style Personality’ others call it your ‘Signature Style’ whatever you call it; sometimes we can get this right, it brings confidence and a love for our clothes, other times – sometimes influenced by hormones, people, mood etc – we get this wrong which can result in low self esteem and feeling we have nothing to wear.

If you understand your style personality, you’re more likely to feel good in your clothes, enjoy wearing your them and feel an increase in confidence. So how do we do that? Here’s a guide.

→ First you’ll need to dig deep, we often ask our clients to connect with themselves in one of 3 ways:

  1. Write down some keywords that describe your personality and things you’re attracted to. For example, organised, carefree, creative, being outside, colours; blue, pink, black etc
  2. Create a Pinterest board of things you like; things that portray your personality
  3. Answer a few questions we’ve created that help us guide you in the right direction »Ask us here

→ Once you’ve done one, two or three of these things, take a look at what the theme is and see if you can identify with one or two of the personality types below.

Note. Often we don’t fit in to one box, we can fall between 2-3 types, see which ones resonate with you the most.

→ Finally, use these as inspiration when you’re reinventing your wardrobe or the next time you’re shopping. By following your style guide you’ll more than likely to buy only the things you love and want to wear all the time.

We’ve also created a Pinterest board for inspiration. Take a look here

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Don’t consider classic as boring or traditional. Whilst coordination might be your thing or simply choosing a limited colour palette the classic type can often look stylish, understated and well put together.

Popular classic style types: Kate Middleton, Amal Clooney

Opt for: Clean lines, investment pieces, neat, tailored or stylishly fitted clothes, understated jewellery, structured fabrics, capsule wardrobe.

Don’t try to: Overcomplicate your look. Wear statement pieces. Dress by the trends or follow what others do. Wear too many colours at once or add too much detail. Less is more.


Effortless with a touch of style, a nod to the trends and a cool vibe happening to your outfits almost every time. A few traits may cross over with the classic & creative types with a mildly quirky touch on occasion and an understated look.

Popular chic style types: Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham

Opt for: Chic and simple styles, step outside of your comfort zone, experiment with subtle abstract, geometric & floral prints

Don’t try to: Create the same look day in day out, try too hard on the trends


The most feminine of the style types, the romantic type likes to feel girly, spending a lot of time on her overall image with great passion for her clothes. Often preferring dresses over trousers, light fabrics, ruffles and frills.

Popular romantic style types: Florence Welch, Fearne Cotton

Opt for: Florals, floaty fabrics, feminine touches, attention to detail, skirts/dresses

Don’t try to: Change your look, wear stiff fabrics, choose strong hard prints


Comfort is key, low maintenance is ideal for the natural style. Sometimes opting for a bohemian look, casual clothes are a must.

Popular natural style types: Stevie Nicks, Sienna Miller

Opt for: Easy care, minimal iron, an unstructured look, layered or stacked boho jewellery

Don’t try to: Overdress out of your comfort zone, wear clothes that cling or too fitted.


Naturally attracting attention with a statement look, the dramatic type doesn’t do boring! Often bringing life and soul to the party.

Popular dramatic style types: Lady Gaga, Iris Apfel

Opt for: Daring, bold, fun colours and statement pieces. Clash your colour and print.

Don’t try to: Keep it too simple; you’ll feel underdressed.


The creative style is often edgy, quirky and experimental. Sometimes with a look that most wouldn’t usually put together.

Popular creative style types: Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung

Opt for: Items that have a point of difference, trend led pieces, mix your colours, fabrics & prints.

Don’t try to: Coordinate or match your items, create a look that’s too ‘put together’