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Read this before you panic-shop this weekend!

Read this before you panic-shop this weekend!

It’s the last shopping weekend before the festive season really kicks in, we’re putting our feet up and relaxing for a few days, how about you? Are you panic buying this weekend like our other halves? Perhaps a few shopping tips wouldn’t go astray to help you on your way…

1. Don’t panic buy. Relax. Give yourself time. Be realistic with what you can achieve in the time you’ve got. Christmas shopping shouldn’t be a big chore, enjoy browsing – but you can only do that if you relax.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 21.14.482. Drink. Eat. Sleep. Make sure you’re prepared and refreshed. Nothing worse than buying with a tired, dehydrated, exhausted mind. You’ll be better to stop, refresh and try again.
3. Don’t get sucked in. Is the latest thing really what they want? Are the stores trying to clear their stock with silly prices? Is it worth the money? Try not to fall for retailers gimmicks and consider if this is a gift worth spending on.
4. Do your research. Think carefully about what you are buying and who for. You hard earned money could be well spent if you take the time to consider what that person really likes.
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.39.545. Think outside of the box. Be creative. Make something: Look on Pinterest for ideas on creating something that this person is interested in. Do something: You may be surprised at how an act of kindness can go further than the material things.
6. Set a budget. Write a list – for each person you are buying for, take the time before you go to consider their interests and needs. Have a few options in mind.
7. Shop alone. It’s always good to have company, but research suggests we are better shoppers alone. Friends can dominate your spending power and can be a distraction when trying to focus. If you shop with friends or family, try and find some time apart.
IMG_44318. Look for discounts before you shop. All part of the planning process – whichever shopping destination you choose, consider which retailers you may go to and look online for any vouchers or discounts before hand. Some retailers will offer exclusive online codes or in store discounts for signing up to their mailings.
9. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. This may not be as obvious as it seems. You’ll achieve a lot more if you are well hydrated and comfortable.
10. Get help. If all else fails. Use a personal shopper: It doesn’t have to be all about the clothes. We’re experts at shopping, for almost anything. And we’ve got some great ideas.  We can pull ourselves away from the mulled wine for a few hours, just give us a shout!

Remember, this is the time for fun & laughter. The best gift you can give is love. 

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