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10 Questions with Bex Simmonds

10 Questions with Bex Simmonds

Q1. You were an occupational therapist before you trained, how did you find the transition to personal styling?

I found the decision to leave my job as an Occupational Therapist a hard one. I had concerns that I would miss my work colleagues and service users, having a regular income, daily structure and the loss of my work identity. However, I now realise that so many of the skills I have acquired through my OT work are transferable to being a personal stylist and have stood me in good stead.

Q2. What inspires you about working as a stylist? 

Well, I have always loved clothes shopping! I love looking online at fashion and I have always loved looking through magazines for style inspiration. I also enjoy meeting new people, learning about their lives and how I can work with them to discover the right style for them. I hope I can help boost their self confidence and enhance their overall wellbeing. 

Q3. What are 3 staple items in your wardrobe and why? 

  1. White trainers!! – they go with everything and are a style classic
  2. Boyfriend jeans – they can be worn during the day or glammed up at night with heels,
  3. A blazer – a style classic which goes with everything, always smartens up an outfit and can be dressed up or down.

Q4. Why did you decide to train with The image Consulting Company specifically?

I wanted to do a face to face course rather than an online (distance learning course). I learn better in a practical setting.  I also wanted to do a course local to Bristol. I went to an event run by the TICC prior to the course and met Emmeline, Karen and Hannah and after listening and talking to them I realised that this was the right course for me!

Q5. What is your favourite way to spend time with your family?

On holiday abroad somewhere warm, eating out or a day trip somewhere. I’m always in a much better mood on holiday away from the daily grind or when I step off the hamsters wheel of life!

Q6. What is your guilty pleasure? 

Cadbury’s chocolate especially Mini Eggs!

Q7. What has been your favourite experience or memory since training in October?

Probably the last but one day of the training course. We had been up at the Mall practising styling our volunteers. I was mentally exhausted and had been running on adrenaline all week. We celebrated the end of the day with a glass of prosecco. I felt so happy to have met some fun and like minded new friends from the course who all shared my love and passion for clothes and all things glam!

Q8. What are your passions in life?

Looking for and at lovely things – be it clothes or homeware or great pictures of celebrities/models/everyday people. Doing Yoga, going on holiday and discovering new places, lipstick, feeling proud of my sons (when they are behaving), supporting women to feel great about themselves by giving them the tools to great confidence and style. 

Q9. You worked at Bristol Fashion Week with us, how did you find the experience? 

I found the experience exciting and fun! I’ve never been involved in anything like that before. It was good to meet some of the other stylists I’d yet to meet. I found the experience quite nerve wracking and stressful too. Members of the public coming up to me and asking for my opinion. You have to think on your feet. It was good learning experience and a great PR opportunity for my business.

Q10. I is for?

Inner confidence – once you have this you can do anything. I’m working on it…

You can find Bex on Instagram: @bristol_style_therapist

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