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Schuh’s Amazing Return Policy

Schuh’s Amazing Return Policy

We’ve all been in a rush and stumbled past a pair of shoes that you love but do not have time to try them on. Recently, our stylist Amy made a fascinating discovery when in a very similar predicament. The sale tempted her to pop into Schuh before catching her train from Bath and saw a pair of flat polka dot sandals that she adored. However, she had little time to check if the spotty shoes fit and was concerned as her usually size was too small so she decided to choose a larger pair. 

To double check she asked the assistant how long the return policy is and to her amazement he replied 365 days! Yes you have heard correctly a whole year!!!! Of course, the piece of footwear is required to be in the exact condition that the shoes were bought (so unworn) and to have your receipt present. Sooooo many individuals have items in their wardrobe for long periods of time that is unworn. However, with a returns policy like this you will be able to either exchange the goods for another item or get your money back. 

Let’s all have a root in our wardrobes for Schuh footwear that you have never worn that are in pristine condition, the retailer is going above and beyond to provide an excellent service for their customers, which is refreshing to witness. 

Don’t believe us – see for yourselves!!!