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Secrets to a clutter free wardrobe

Secrets to a clutter free wardrobe

“This old thing? I’ve had it years” 

68% of women are self-confessed hoarders. Fact.

Women love shopping for shoes & clothes. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. We buy something we shouldn’t have but couldn’t resist, only to get it home and negotiate how we’ll sneak it in to the wardrobe past our other halves. It’s been known that women will go to lengths to ‘hide’ their purchases, more than one in four in fact, asking a friend to take it in to the house or hiding it behind the bin until the coast is clear!

You may have heard the age old saying that many women only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time and new research confirms we are still buying things we don’t need and we don’t wear stuffing the wardrobe to the point we can’t see what we have in there and continuing to wear only the minimal amount.

One of the reasons we buy more than we need is the increasing number of low cost retailers on the high street and a rise in demand for value clothing. But it’s not always beneficial to hoard a high quantity of clothes; the value is in an organised wardrobe and the quality of clothing.

By spending more on key items that really work for you will be more rewarding than lots of clothes you can’t find in a full wardrobe and will last only a few washes & wears. For example, rather than 7 pairs of cheap jeans, invest in 2 good fitting pairs that you’ll love, cherish and wear with everything. If you feel you’re missing casual ‘bottoms’ considering alternatives to jeans such as smart joggers or casual trousers.

Understanding how to re-style your wardrobe and wear your clothes well can save you hundreds of £’s on new unwanted items and give you the boost in your wardrobe you need to truly LOVE getting dressed each day.  A stylist will give you the tools you need to re-invent your wardrobe and reduce your shopping list to a minimal amount of must-have items, not lust-have’s that will only see you through month or so.

Out with the old, in with the new

One of the reasons we don’t like to ‘get rid’ of old clothes is usually not for sentimental reasons. We spend money on these items and begrudge ‘giving’ them away even if it for a charitable cause. We don’t like to dispose of the clothes we so lovingly spent our money on however much we really wanted it for one day only. With time passing by quickly with the social pressures of keeping a full diary and the limited time we have to return items, we don’t take items back as quickly as we could thus hoarding things we don’t wear.

So here are a few things you can do to avoid being one of the statistics and wake up each day to a healthy, happy stress free wardrobe for a confident new you;

  • If in doubt leave it out, if you don’t love something as soon as you’ve tried it on, put it back. The likelihood is that if you only like it a little bit, you won’t wear it and love it when it comes home so leave it in the shop.
  • Before you consider a purchase, can you think of at least another 3 things the item can be worn with? If you can’t think of more than one corresponding item, it’s unlikely you’ll get the wear you want out of it.
  • Be savvy to returns, if you don’t wear something within 2-3 weeks or can’t see yourself wearing it in the near future, return that item and get your money back for something you WILL wear. Make yourself aware of returns policies and mark it on your diary if you have to! Don’t forget to always keep your receipts until you know for sure that you’re keeping the item.
  • Invest in yourself, invest in a stylist. Working with someone that can help you better understand your style, colour combinations, how to manage your wardrobe and put your confidence back where it belongs is a no-brainer right? A professional independent stylist will save you money and educate you to better understand your wardrobe moving forward. You can get a FREE no obligation consultation right HERE
  • Get something back for your clothes. If you’re on first name terms with the local charity shop is it because you’re donating more clothes than they have rails for? Many of us are keen to recycle clothes in the best possible way but don’t always like giving our hard earned possessions away so easily. Have you considered selling them? eBay is a great idea but the return is minimal for the effort so we’ve created a way to help our clients get the most from what they’ve got in a Style Sale event. You bring the clothes you want to get rid of and go away with a hand full of cash or items you’ll love for longer.

So before you head out to spend on impulse buys and have to consider how you’re going to get those bags past the other half, consider how valuable your wardrobe could be to you by investing in a stylist or heading to our Style Sale early this summer


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