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Shades of Pink for SS14

Shades of Pink for SS14

The flirty, feminine colour PINK is set to be big this SS14. The shade this season connotes elegance and sophistication leaving the memories of Paris Hilton firmly behind.

Pink symbolises compassion, nurturing and love mixing (literally) the passion of red and purity of white. The romance and allure of the colour in question reflects a positive and inspiring aroma, which will translate to your attitude and mood.

Cooler skin tones can wear pink shades with confidence as the striking and colder elements of the colour work well. Warmer skin tones should stick to more rich pinks to enhance their complexion or wear the colour as an accessory or within a pattern to avoid direct contact.

Chanel, Burberry, Celine and Temperly all embrace the pink shade in varying tones from a subtle blush to a bright magenta. The colour is going to radiate through your wardrobe this Summer injecting a sense of happiness and contentment, which will allow for you to step out in confidence!! Great news!!!

Enjoy the selection of choices from the high street. Which will you choose?