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10 Questions with Simone Lemon

10 Questions with Simone Lemon

Q1. You trained with us last year, how did you find the course?

I really enjoyed the course. I felt that I learnt a lot, no actually; I mean a huge amount whilst on the course. It was amazing. I got to meet lots of likeminded people who all shared a common goal. It helped me to look at how people carry themselves in clothes. Looking at body language and watching their faces to see if they light up when wearing outfits. I found my creative spark agai

Q2. What made you decide to train? 

I have always loved and been enthralled with fabrics, colour, clothes, all things fashion related………..when I was younger, I thought that I was a fashion designer and would make items for my dolls. I would always play in my mother’s wardrobe putting on her clothes and shoes, rummaging around making up outfits for fashion shows that I would get all the family to watch. That is where the obsession or journey began and has continued to this day. Recently I was lucky enough to be at a stage in my life where I was really ready to pursue my passion and do something I really loved to do.

Q3. What is your favourite trend for Spring 19? 

The thing about trends is that they can come and go really quickly. A wardrobe of key staple items that enhance your own unique personal style is a good place to start.

Q4. What do you love most about your job? 

Where shall I start. It’s getting people to see what I see when they are in an outfit. When someone really wears the outfit, they make it their own. Seeing the joy radiating out of their faces when looking in the mirror. That is what I love.

Q5. Where is your go-to place to shop in Bristol?

Monki if shopping on the high street. I find I can normally come out with an item or two when I have a mooch about in there.
Also Fox and Feather on Gloucester Road is really pulling out the stops recently, like seriously ladies please just stop. I really love an independent shop, this is a real Bristol gem.

Q6. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? 

Exercise! I am all over the exercise at the moment; HiTT sessions, yoga, etc. I am trying to get into a healthy mind set.

Q7. Tell us something we don’t know about you!

Gardening is amazing! I love getting involved in the whole process and getting my hands stuck in the earth. There is something really therapeutic about digging in the earth.

Q8. What is your style philosophy?

Wear what you love. Wear it with confidence. Be comfortable in yourself.

Q9. What are your future goals in personal styling?

I would like to have a respected name in the industry. A collaboration with others in the industry, bringing events and services to everyone.

Q10. I is for?

Ignition, my creative spark is lit.

You can find Simone on Instagram: @lemonlovesfashion