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Small detail…Big Difference

Small detail…Big Difference


How do you accessorise?  Have you ever thought about if you accessorise just one part of your outfit, it can be transformed into a something completely new and different? This is important to consider when you are meeting someone for the first time or at an important meeting. Accessorising can show that you really care about the way you put together an outfit, which is why we are going to give you the details to accessorising. Take a look…
Accessorising may seem like a fairly straight forward thing to do and that’s because it is. Do you own a scarf that has been thrown away in the back of a drawer or cupboard? If you brought that scarf back out and wore it as a belt or neck tie, it can make your outfit look like it has been well thought about and styled. We’re not just saying to put any old scarf around your waist or neck, because the colours and style depends on the scarf. However, when thinking about the colours within the scarf and your outfit, does it match? Does it contrast? It can still be worn if it contrasts, to add a splash of colour to your ensemble. Not a bad idea, when the Spring and Summer months are creeping up.

d84bdce310f3868e97305ffa912bf68cThe same goes with jewellery. How much jewellery is too much? What looks good with what? Jewellery is such a broad accessory. Silver, gold and rose gold. There are so many options. If you are at work, then keep jewellery to a minimum. This way, it’s more professional and it’s better to keep things to a minimum. If you are going out for lunch or a shopping trip, then you could wear more jewellery because it will be more practical to style with a casual, everyday to day outfit. By this we mean maybe some subtle dangly earrings, rings or bracelets / bangles. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour to your jewellery because these little accessories will make your entire outfit come together.

It’s not just the odd scarf or piece of jewellery that can help define your outfit. Accessorising your hair can also be effective when it comes to style and making a good first impression. A hair clip is a subtle way of creating a simple, yet effective look. If you have long hair- a braid such as a fish tail braid can show you’ve put in the effort to create a look that could have the potential to impress someone if you were meeting them for the first time.

Sophie x