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Step by Step Guide to A Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Step by Step Guide to A Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

If you missed out on our style demos at Bristol Fashion Week. Don’t panic we plan to upload the advice right here on our blog. First up is the Step by Step Guide to A Perfect Capsule Wardrobe. Take a look at our Pinterest board dedicated to creating the capsule wardrobe for inspiration.

So, you buy new clothes but you wear your old ones? You buy something then forget to take it back – it stays in the wardrobe with the tag on because you can’t bear to give it away. Your husband spent hours shopping for your birthday gift and comes back with a dress that makes you feel ill just looking at it and wear it once to keep him happy….Sound familiar? 

These days we stuff our wardrobes with things we really don’t need, can’t see them for looking & wouldn’t wear if we could find them anyway. That’s why a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a great idea. Minimal items, more wear, less stress! Save money and look good too. Who wouldn’t?

Step by Step guide to a perfect capsule wardrobe

Thanks to Hammonds we’ve got wardrobe envy!

Capsule wardrobes are designed to work for you, not the other way round. A few top tips will help you practice your own capsule wardrobe preparation:

– Allow a good amount of time to focus on your wardrobe

– Remove everything, whilst doing so examine each item and pop in to one of three piles: Love, Like, Loathe

– Make sure you look at the condition of the item and for anything you love but has seen better days, pop it to one side.

– Once you’ve cleared out give the wardrobe a quick spring clean then address the piles starting with the things you Love; what’s in the pile? Do you have items that work with each other? In the right size? Try swapping a usual favourite top with a different bottom, lay them out and consider the outfit. Try this with different things and manipulate the pile to items you really love wearing and work together. What have you got left? Organise these on to solid hangers and pop back in the wardrobe in order of item type. Do you have plenty more tops than bottoms? You should have – if not, consider what styles you like wearing and make a note of things you need when shopping, do you need fresh new colours? Have you got the sizing right? Are you wearing the right style? 

Step by Step guide to a perfect capsule wardrobe

A close up of the beautifully arranged Hammonds wardrobe

Consider the way you like to wear your clothes; have you got items for layering for this tricky time of year? 

Do you own jackets/cardigans/jumpers?

– Many of the answers depend on your colourings & body shape, but in general we’re looking at the logistics of the wardrobe to make it work for you.

– On to the next pile that you ‘Like’ – make a decision on each item and think ‘If this were to get lost – would I miss it?’ It either goes back in the wardrobe (if you really will wear it) or on to the next pile:

– The third pile that you ‘loathe’ could be in the wardrobe for many reasons, they may have been gifts, mistakes or something you once loved. This pile should go to a better home along with the items you’ve weeded from other piles including things that really can’t be worn again.

Finally, the fun part! Take stock after a good clear out and make a shopping list of the items you can clearly see are missing. Don’t duplicate items or buy one style in 3 colours, shop around for variety and only buy what you NEED and never buy anything you don’t LOVE – wait, save money and shop until you find the items that work for you.

Better still, spend a short while with a stylist to find out what you should really be wearing

The feature image courtesy of Harvey Norman.