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Style Icon: The Duchess

Style Icon: The Duchess

Kate Middleton has been crowned as a style icon whilst fulfilling her duties as a wife, mother and of course Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is the epitome of sophistication and elegance in a variety of dresses, blazers and exquisite coats. The media attention that follows royalty is overpowering with the fashion industry insiders following the princess closely. 

Her outfits choices have been received with positivity and praise of how she mixes her youth with her high responsibility. Her style is contemporary yet classic, which is important due to her extreme role model status. Remembering that her duties expect a great amount of sophistication yet her age demands a sense of experimentation is cleverly applied. The skirt lengths and styles are more traditional yet the vivid colours add a youthful element to her style.

When dressing for important business or work events learn a lesson from the Duchess. She stays true to her own unique taste and style yet dresses appropriately for the task in hand. Wear a bright coloured trouser suit or a tailored dress to your next meeting. We assure you that confidence will come naturally if you incorporate your unique sense of style into formal occasions.

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