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Style Tips From The Golden Globes

Style Tips From The Golden Globes

As the actresses pose on the red carpet at the Golden Globes in an array of glamorous dresses, I realised that there are a few style tips we can all learn from their mistakes and triumphs!! If you have a wedding or similar formal occasion to attend this is the perfect opportunity to witness what works for your body shape.

Jennifer Lawrence: I love the simplicity of her dress with the monochrome feel. The first band accentuates her small waist however, the second band falls in an awkward place creating an unbalance to her body shape. Jennifer’s cropped hair and natural makeup is stunning!!
Amy Adams: The plunging neckline enhances her ample breast size and the change in colour lengthens her legs and highlights her tiny waist. Larger chests should avoid this style as the neckline doesn’t provide the support needed.
Lena Dunham: The striking colour stands out from the wash of reds, whites and greens however, I am unsure of the shape of the dress for her figure. The tightness of her frock creates unwanted lines around the stomach area and the oversized fishtail is quite bulky. 

Kerry Washington: Her gorgeous Balenciaga frock skims over her baby bump beautifully and fits her perfectly from the length to chest area. She looks radiant and is a great example for mum’s to be.

Emma Watson : Her unusual dress/trouser combination is unique and fabulous!!! The front view is simple and highlights her petite frame. The open back and cropped trousers add a much needed edge to avoid an innocent look that she tries to avoid. This is a great alternative for those who feel more comfortable wearing trousers.

Lupita Nyong: The striking colour and shape falls beautifully on her small frame. The unique neckline highlights her petite shoulders and the excess of fabric emphasises her curvy yet slim figure. A great choice Lupita!!

How were your favourite dresses from the Golden Globes? Award ceremonies are a great source of inspiration and a visual example of what works and what doesn’t!