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Styled for success: Amie Kewley

Styled for success: Amie Kewley

Ahead of Bristol Fashion Week, which starts later this month, we chatted with one of the team, style blogger and fashion marketing professional Amie Kewley (a.k.a Credit Crunch Chic). Here, she shares her wardrobe secrets and gives us a sneak preview of what’s on this season…

You’re retailer comms and marketing assistant for The Mall at Cribbs Causeway and specifically for Bristol Fashion Week. Tell us a bit about what that involves.

I work as part of the wider marketing team and assist in the preparation and running of Bristol Fashion Week. Planning for the event starts months in advance so it’s always lovely to get to the event and see all of our hard work pay off! My job involves working across all areas of the event, from brainstorming the creative at the beginning of the process to building pages on the website, to photographing the looks on the catwalk for the retailers. It’s extremely busy but I absolutely love it!

Tell us about your career path – how did you start out and what brought you to where you are today?

After I left school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I took a job in retail whilst I did a degree with the Open University. I loved working in fashion retail and so concentrated my career in that area, but after a few years at management level I started my blog and became more interested in digital and social marketing. When the opportunity arose for me to join the team at The Mall, I jumped at it!

What are your favourite parts of the job and which parts are the most challenging?

I really enjoy the digital side of my role, working on the website and writing lots of copy for blog posts, which runs in parallel with the enjoyment I get from working on my own personal blog. The team is fantastic and I love working with so many inspirational women. The workload can be challenging as Bristol Fashion Week is such a big event, but the team always pulls together to make everything run smoothly.

What do you think makes Bristol Fashion Week stand out from the other fashion weeks out there?

I love that Bristol Fashion Week showcases accessible fashion in an unexpected way. The shows are always so inspiring, the fashions are all sourced from retailers within The Mall so you can just nip back inside after a show and shop what you’ve just seen on the catwalk, which I think is fantastic. Even if you already have a strong idea of your personal style, you’ll come away with styling ideas and tips and tricks for updating your looks for the season ahead, and if you are unsure of the trends to invest in, BFW is a platform that showcases the strongest high steet trends to shop right now.

You’re also a fashion blogger. Tell us a bit about your blog and how it came about.

I have been writing in some form or another for my whole life really, it’s something I absolutely love to do. I used to write little fashion stories and notes on my take on different trends, so my boyfriend Adrian suggested I start putting all these pieces of work down in one place, and so that was the beginning of my blog back in 2009.

How does being a blogger help you in your day to day job?

I think that being a blogger has certainly given me confidence in my ability as a writer and also has helped me to increase my skill set – from improving my photography to learning how to write basic html code and being able to use software packages such as Photoshop. These skills have transferred into my day job, too.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have an ‘on duty’ look that’s different to what you wear in your spare time?

My personal style is quite eclectic, I like to mix things up and wear a lot of vintage pieces with high street styles. As I’ve got a little older I feel that I know the styles that suit me best and I tend to stick to them. I was probably a little more daring when I was younger but I really feel that you should wear the clothes that you love, because that’s the key to feeling great in your outfit. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or that you don’t like what you’re wearing, because then you can’t wait to get home and change! I wear a lot of jumpsuits, which are great for dressing up or down, and out of the office I love a straight legged, high-waisted jean; they look so great with a jumper and ballet flats or you can chuck on a nice blazer and a sandal and get that Francophile vibe.

What are the items in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without, and why?

I have a couple of pieces I would struggle without; a black pajama style jumpsuit which is my winter go-to, a classic leather jacket which I’ve had for years and I also have a couple of statement pairs of boots which are perfect for adding a bit of colour to a more basic outfit. I love leopard print and try and incorporate this where I can, especially in the winter, and I also have a Mulberry handbag which I use all the time; it’s a classic and never goes out of style.

What advice would you give to any young people looking to follow in your career path?

I think it’s important to try different things until you find what suits you. Don’t be afraid to change your career or worry if you end up doing something different than you had originally intended to. If you are driven and work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Take opportunities that present themselves, and work to make opportunities for yourself.

What hopes do you have for the future with your blog and your career in general?

I feel very lucky to have a job that I really enjoy, it’s a lot of hard work but the payoff is always worth it and I hope that I can continue to get as much enjoyment from it as I have so far. My blog is a hobby that has allowed me some fantastic experiences, to be able to work with brands and collaborate with companies that I love has been wonderful and I hope that this will continue in the future.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming Bristol Fashion Week – what can we expect to see on the catwalk?

Bristol Fashion Week is always a fantastic event and if you haven’t seen a show already, I’d definitely recommend it. The show takes you through the key trends that you’ll be able to shop for AW17, and we have an exciting theme to the show this season, too. We also have BBC presenter Cherry Healey joining ITV stylist Mark Heyes on presenting duties, so it’s sure to be loads of fun, and is a great way to get inspired for the coming season.

 Bristol Fashion Week takes place at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway from 27 September – 1 October, presented by Mark Heyes and Cherry Healey and features 17 catwalk shows. Tickets are available online at mallcribbs.com.

The Image Consulting Company will be at Bristol Fashion Week offering one-to-one personal style consultations, as well as workshops and lots of style tips. To find out more and book your slot with us, click here.