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Styled for Success: Natalie Lee

Styled for Success: Natalie Lee

Vogue recommended blogger, mum of two and Warrior Woman campaign founder Natalie (a.k.a Style Me Sunday) chats to us about her style must haves, loving yourself and why being a fashion badass is a good thing. You can also catch Natalie speaking at our Style Your Future event in Bristol on 14 September.

Tell us about your Warrior Woman campaign. How did it come about?

Warrior Woman is basically about encouraging and motivating people to be the best they can be. My blog is about inspiring mums to celebrate their uniqueness, share their struggles and know that there’s no such thing as a perfect body. Love your curves, wrinkles, realness. Embrace it. Warrior Woman is an extension of that, and so much more.

The campaign angle changes slightly with each project. The last one was more body focused and was about accepting and liking yourself no matter what you look like. It was about trying to banish those insecurities you have about your body and not letting them hold you back. The one before that was a confidence challenge and people got involved by taking part in the daily challenges. We’re expanding and evolving the concept all the time.

You were recently involved in a Dove campaign celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. How and why did you get involved in this? 

I’ve been running the Warrior Woman Project since last year, it’s always been a social media campaign. The last one I just did was an actual event, and I wanted it to be the biggest and best yet. Dove heard about it, and they wanted to get involved, as it aligned nicely with their ‘real bodies’ campaign.

We admire your attitude towards women and supporting the fact no one is perfect. What has given you the confidence to feel good about yourself?

I think becoming a mother has really made me focus much more on what’s important to me than ever before. I want to pass down positive messages.

Has your body and style changed since becoming a mum? 

I like to embarrass my kids as much as possible, so I’m a lot more daring now. If they don’t like it, then that’s a good barometer for what I wear! In all seriousness, I’m not so bothered about what people think of me now I’m a mum and of course I’m not on the pull, so that has an effect on the way I dress.

On your Instagram profile there’s an image of you in a fur coat with little else on… that’s so badass! We love it. How much courage/time did it take for you to do this? 

At first you feel awkward, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you forget you’ve got next to nothing on and just work that camera.

This time of year is tricky for many women who don’t want to show more flesh than they have to. What advice would you give to women who are fearful of showing their bodies? 

The only person who gives a shit is you. Once you try being brave once, twice, three times it gets easier to bare the flesh. It’s hot! Take those bloody clothes off woman and enjoy the freedom.

How would you describe your style? 

I’d say: eclectic, kitsch, feminine. I’m not trend focused, it’s more about how I feel on the day.

Are there any items in your wardrobe you can’t live without? 

Not really. I go through phases of loving stuff and then I hate it the next week. I do think everyone should have a good white shirt in their closet. My favourite is my M&S secret button shirt.

What’s been the best style advice you’ve received? 

“Just do you”. Simple, to the point, and true.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your work? 

Figuring out what can and can’t be shared with my IG community.

Is blogging a competitive environment? What are your experiences of this? 

I don’t feel the pressure of competition, but I know some do. I only see others as inspiration.

What advice would you give to new bloggers starting up today?

Be brave, just do it. Be passionate about what you do or don’t bother. Make sure you’re doing something you love. And make sure you connect with people, network, bounce ideas off others. This is how you grow. And don’t think you can do it all. Ask for help if you need it.

You’re huge on Instagram. What are your tips for others looking to grow their channels?

Be yourself. Your content needs to resonate with your audience, so don’t procrastinate over your squares – do something authentic. It’s important to send your message clearly but also to ‘be your brand’. It’s about being yourself.

Do you have a mentor or someone that really inspires you personally and your work? 

I have a business coach who helps me stay ambitious. My Instagram friends are huge inspirations for me like Zoe from Dress Like a Mum, Clemmie from Mother of Daughters and people like Erica Davies.

What does the future hold for Style Me Sunday? 

I don’t know yet. I need to process and discuss the last Warrior Woman Project as it was epic and I want it to go further, but how we do that, or in what direction I’m not sure yet.

Whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out! Visit Natalie’s blog stylemesunday.com for more details of her Warrior Woman project.

Natalie will speaking at our Style Your Future Event at Harvey Nichols Bristol on 14 September. More information and tickets available here.

Photo above:Instagram @stylemesunday