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Our Stylists Share Their Top Tips on Dressing for the Unpredictable

Our Stylists Share Their Top Tips on Dressing for the Unpredictable

Recently, I’ve been taking the risk, leaving the house for a full day in just a summer dress! No jacket in sight, safe in the knowledge that we are experiencing a heat wave like no other. As someone who always thinks ‘what if’,  I don’t usually trust the weather forecast and sling a lightweight jacket over my bag – just in case. Rest assured my umbrella is always tucked away in my bag ready for those unexpected downpours explains our stylist Amy.



Dressing for such unpredictable weather can be difficult, not knowing how the course of the day will run. The morning may be drizzly yet come the afternoon the sun will have made an appearance followed by a torrential downpour early evening – weather-warning style! To help you through these unpredictable summer months we’ve asked our lovely stylists to share their top tips.


Karen Lowe: “My top tip would be layers: lighter ones especially for the heat. You can opt for a floaty camisole tucked in to a pair of wide legged culottes and layer with a kimono style jacket that gives a little coverage emmeline-stevensa) for work b) for those who like to cover their arms up c) not wanting to be exposed to the sun d) on holiday and visiting sacred sites. Add some great accessories and shoes and it’s a winning look that is also light and breezy. A denim jacket works wonders with summer dresses, t-shirts and maxi skirts, palazzo pants and vests and is great for when it’s cold in the morning. Once you’ve warmed up you can then take it off but also have it to hand for those unpredictable downpours. It keeps you a little drier and definitely more stylish that a raincoat!”


Emmeline Stevens: “I’m with Karen on this one my key word all year round…layers!”




Caroline Walton (on the left): “Me too – layers- especially for air con in the office which can get rather cold. I always have a lightweight jacket or cashmere cardie. Plus a little brolly for my handbag.”









Brigitte Ward: “I would echo Karen too, definitely layering is the key. Also check the forecast before you leave the house.”