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Summer Style Tips – Part 1

Summer Style Tips – Part 1

If you’re feeling slightly spoilt by having a couple weeks of glorious sunshine and had to rush to the shops to start working on your summer wardrobe way earlier than expected, fear not we are here to help! There’s no need to panic buy as over 2 blogs we talk you through the upcoming trends of Summer 2018 and give you tips on how to wear them.

Admittedly, we didn’t expect to be dusting off our sandals and digging out our shorts this early, but there’s nothing we love more than summer style. 

Although it looks like the sun is going to be going into hiding this week, the hot weather has definitely provided inspiration to get booking summer getaways so our stylists give you some tips for your holiday outfits as we look towards a season of colour, statement jewellery and the return of the bumbag!


@personalstylists on colour and floral print:

Our founder Emmeline Stevens is the queen of pops of colour and eclectic style, both of which you definitely need in your suitcase this summer! Forever inspiring all of us to adopt more pink into our wardrobes just by following her social handles, Emmeline tells us why colour is so important to her summer wardrobe: 


@personalstylists via Instagram

“I can’t even think about wearing dark colours when it’s warm. Bright colours are something I wear when I need more confidence inside, when I wear neutral colours you know I’m feeling alright. When I go bold with colour it’s when I need more confidence and want to make a statement, it definitely reflects my mood!”

With print being a summer staple, Emmeline also gives her tip on how she styles them with colour to achieve one of her signature looks:


@personalstylists via Instagram

“I’m really fussy about floral print and print in general. If I go for flowers, they’ve got to look contemporary. The colours of the print are important too, cool bright colours are what I’m drawn to so I have floral items that I pair with those bold colours.”

If only we could take her on holiday with us!


@sanfilippostyle on the belt bag and fringing:

Personal Stylist Michelle Sanfilippo is not afraid to go bold with style, and she always pulls it off. So who better to take us back to the 1980’s with the bum bag than her? The contemporary version of the retro item, the belt bag, are what high-waisted dreams are made of and are a big pre-summer trend, so over to Michelle to tell us how she makes the belt bag look like a 2018 must have.

@sanfilippostyle via Instagram

“I’m so glad that belt bags have come back in fashion as I love how handy and practical they are- they’re super stylish too. I wear mine from Topshop and Zara over summer dresses and as a belt on my jeans, trousers and shorts. It’s a stylish hands-free way to look cool for summer whilst looking fashionable and trendy!”

Michelle’s sandals adopting the fringing trend look like they should be on a poster for the hashtag #FridayFeet, what makes them so essential for the hot weather and how does Michelle style them?


@sanfilippostyle via Instagram

“My tips for styling fringe sandals this summer are that they literally go with anything; summer dresses, cut off denim shorts, white jeans and especially (my favourite) high- waisted cropped trousers.”

I think we are going to need these sandals and a belt bag in every colour!


@beckybarnesstyle on statement accessories:

And finally, light-hearted Image Consultant Becky Barnes refers to herself as a Magpie because she “is attracted to shiny things”, admitting “that’s me, always have been, always will!”, and boy doesn’t she have a collection of statement accessories that makes us double tap every time!  Becky tells us her tips for accessorising in the summer season:

@beckybarnesstyle via Instagram by @venetianorrington

“My main advice for statement jewellery in warmer weather is to choose materials other than metal as it can get hot! So wood, beads, fabric etc are all easier to wear in the heat. I also try to have only one statement piece so if I’ve gone for a chunky necklace, I’ll play down the earrings and vice versa!”


@beckybarnesstyle via Instagram

But for Becky, statement accessories aren’t just for when the sun comes out; “it’s important to me all year round! It’s part of my personality so it’s never far away, no matter the weather!” After embarking on the “Buy Nothing New Challenge” her love for accessories have continued to grow, especially after she bought a necklace in a charity shop for £3.99, and through researching the item found that it was originally sold for $1,000!

Remind us to go accessory shopping with Becky, please.


Stay tuned for part 2 for more summer style tips from our Image Consultants to nail pre-summer fashion…