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Summer Style Tips – Part 2

Summer Style Tips – Part 2

With the unpredictable British weather giving us a shock of a lifetime and giving us an actual summer to talk about – since 1976 at least (so the news tells us) – your summer wardrobe is getting much more action than usual. If you’re starting to wilt like most of our garden plants (poor things), check out round two of our summer tips from our expert stylists, so you can leave the melting to the dozen of ice creams you’re bound to consume!





Kate and Claire from Coveted Styling – “If you don’t want to spend lots of money on new summer clothes because let’s face it summer doesn’t last forever, our tip is to revamp last years summer items – such as dresses and jumpsuits – with a accessories. Whether it’s a belt, bag or some statement earrings, adding something new can instantly refresh your summer style!”





Claire Wright – “Wear lose, floaty fabrics that don’t cling and make you sweat. Try and stick to natural fabrics like cotton and wear light colours to reflect the heat!”







Hannah Davis from Fashion Style File – “I always think if your in the sun/beach/pool always wear a funky headband. Zara do some really colourful ones.”








Michelle Sanfilippo – “A fab lipstick, & oversized shades…always a quick fix for me!”









Nia Griffiths – “With all the sunshine we’ve had recently, sunglasses can easily make an effort. Especially as if you want to be lazy, you then don’t need to do your eyes ha ha!!!








Karen Lowe – “Accessories – all of them. Bags, jewellery, headscarves, sunglasses, belts etc. Love them all.”