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The Art of Style with Michelle Sanfilippo

The Art of Style with Michelle Sanfilippo

Ahead of The Art of Style event held at Cabot Circus at the end of the month – 23rd-29th April – we caught up with the lovely Michelle Sanfilippo who will be available to offer expert style advice on the latest trends, prints and colours. She unveils her key shades of the season, her most favourite place to shop and what she will bring to the fantastic interactive styling event that includes live shows and amazing sculptures.

michelle-sanfilippoQ1. You’re getting involved in an interactive styling event with Cabot Circus soon, called The Art of Style. As a stylish businesswoman and mum, what is your key to great style? 

A. I always dress for myself, I dont follow fashion rules, I make my own fashion rules.

Q2. The high street is full of colour already this season. What is the key colour we are going to see you in and why? 

A. I absolutely love bright blue at the moment, blue and orange I will be wearing lots of, they are my happy colours.

michelle-sanfilippoQ3. We know you’re a keen follower of the trends, what is your favourite trend this season, how will you wear it and how is it adaptable for everyday life? 

A. Floral dresses are everywhere on the high st, they are so versatile, you can wear with trainers, heels or ankle boots. High waisted trousers im obsessed with right now, so flattering, also belt bags are another trend im loving, stylish, practical and super comfy.

Q4. Where in Cabot Circus will you be shopping when you’re taking some time out?

A. ZARA, ZARA and more ZARA… In my books they can’t do no wrong, always on trend, reasonable prices and I always feel stylish wearing their clothes.

Q5. Give us three key pieces we should be shopping for at Cabot Circus and where will we find them?

A. Belt bags from Topshop. Wide leg trousers from Zara and logo tees from River Island.

Q6. What can you offer shoppers at The Art for Style event at Cabot Circus?

A. I will make an impact on shoppers showing them how to wear the latest trends, discover new styles and helping them discover their own unique style.