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The Friday Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Friday Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions

So you’ve survived Christmas Day, the Boxing Day sales, gone back to work and perhaps struggled through the past few days with a tiny tired and emotional *cough hangover cough*, it’s time to face those New Year resolutions, if you’ve made them and face the music!

Why not try some style resolutions? Something a little bit different than your average, keep fit and try and eat healthier resolutions which don’t last 2 minutes. I’ve done some personal beauty resolutions and I reckon I’m going to try some style resolutions too.

1. Wear matching underwear at least once a week
This will make you feel on top of the world. Matching underwear can make you feel loads more confident and give you an extra spring in your step!

2. Try something new at least once a week
Add a statement necklace to a plain jumper or shirt and see how many compliments you get on your accessories, the compliments will boost you up considerably and make you want to experiment more with your style, this is great if you’re in a bit of a style rut and need a little boost for the new year!

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3. Outfit plan!
This will help you to wear the items in your wardrobe that you wish you wore but just get bypassed when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. If you plan your outfit the night before, or even on a Sunday for the week ahead, you’ll find that you wear a lot more of your clothes that you would if you just leave the decision to the morning. I personally do this if I’m working all week or have a busy week at uni, I have a separate rail in my room, browse some magazines or Pinterest and get some style inspo.