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The secrets of Personal Stylists

The secrets of Personal Stylists

Hello, All!

So as a collective of Personal Stylists we thought we would share all our fabulous, funny and fulfilling stories with you all. It’s not just about clothes and fashion. Clients come to personal stylists for so many reasons, and when they work with us, they comment on how they feel more confident, able to embrace who they are and that their overall wellbeing is boosted.

So in this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of our teams most memmorable moments from working as a personal stylist. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t kick off this post with our founder Emmeline. We caught up with her to highlight Emmeline’s most memorable experiences in the fashion industry. So without further ado…Emmeline!

“When I came into the styling industry in 2006 it was a competitive market for stylists, I felt lost without other peers to call on for help and support. I had a couple of intimidating experiences which left me with copious amounts of imposter syndrome but still, I stayed in my lane, put my head down and did what I knew best; to rise above it and move on. But one thing I knew was that I would never put any other stylist in the same position, we’re all human and I believe we should treat each other equally.

 I had the opportunity to practice what I preach when I met a stylist who had just relocated from London to Bristol and wanted to find a way into the styling industry locally, we met at an event with which I had an established relationship over a previous couple of years and I understood her intention could potentially be to make sure I didn’t have any more! However, being the kind of person that wants to help everyone and determined to put into practice what I have expressed I knew there could be another way for us to work together rather than against each other, in competition, so I welcomed the opportunity. It was a little awkward at first, neither of us knew exactly where we were. After all, I had invited her to work on an event with me that I had spent years working on a relationship to be involved in. Both of us, we later discovered, was advised against the idea of it but, with the same mindset and a bit of elbow nudging later we both went ahead and it worked. We continually worked together and built on our foundations while building a friendship. We discovered that you can be doing the same thing in the same place and compliment each other. From this point, I knew that for me it was about Collaboration over Competition and this would always be my ethos moving forward.

That stylist is now one of my best friends, her name is Karen Lowe, she’s a super successful stylist in Bristol and has been with me through the ups and downs of our business supporting me all the way. I believe there is room for everyone in this industry, we all have our own unique selling points and our own point of difference. Karen is just one example of someone who helped me understand how we can work together equally, fairly and together to become stronger and great at what we do. After understanding how we can build these foundations with each other and attracting other stylists to my business I recognised the need for a stronger community in the personal styling industry and that’s exactly what we have here today; a strong, supportive, empowering group of stylists who all stand for themselves but look out for each other. With over 80 people in our community that speak highly of our group, this is proof to me that I’m not the only one that shares this ethos. We all need support, help and advice in our businesses and by tailoring our community specifically to the style & image industry, I know we have something quite special when the comments that come directly from our members are words of confidence, success and empowerment.”

Thank you Emmeline for highlighting your achievements so well and how you built strong relations with Personal stylist Karen Lowe. We have caught up with Karen to hear her experiences, achievements and of course when she met Emmeline! Over to you Karen…

“I’ve been a personal stylist for almost 10 years now and at first it was a lonely old world. I’ve had many amazing experiences on my styling journey which have made me reflect and go ‘wow’ and it’s almost too difficult to pinpoint just one alone. I’ve done things that I never would have thought possible, like having my own weekly fashion feature on tv, live radio, a regular fashion column in a local magazine, being the fashion expert in a national health and wellness programme, live presentations and public speaking, I could go on but meeting Emmeline many moons ago is by far a standout moment in my career.

I was a relatively newly qualified stylist and eager to get my business going and ready to do whatever it took to make it a success. My first meeting with Em was in relation to working at Bristol Fashion Week and it didn’t go quite to plan as I was like a bouncy, overly confident puppy impatient to take my place in the Bristol personal stylist world! In true Emmeline style, she took it all in her stride, treated me as an equal and was willing for me to work alongside her under the Image Consulting Company umbrella and we haven’t looked back since. “I remember that first fashion week, my god did we work hard and by the end of it neither of us had a voice left, but it cemented a truly wonderful working and personal relationship that has become one of the most important in my life. It’s been amazing to watch Emmeline and TiCC go from strength to strength and to be a part of the ever-growing vibrant and eclectic community of supportive, encouraging, genuine and inspiring stylists. Even now, with considerably more years under my belt, Emmeline is still one of my biggest fans, always supporting me from the sidelines with a big smile on her face, there when I need her advice and happy to offer guidance with unwavering energy, which frankly, with everything she juggles, I don’t know how she does it! She’s genuinely one of the best people I know and enjoys each of my successes as if it were her own and I’m so grateful she was willing to collaborate with me all those years ago!! Thank you, Emmeline, you’re the best!”

What a great story from Two amazing stylists who are now Best of friends. Our personal stylist community is all about collaboration over competition. If you’d like to chat with Emmeline about joining, you can book a virtual coffee with her here:https://theimageconsco.simplybook.it/v2/

Now to welcome some of our community members to share their career highlights and ‘wouldn’t want to have missed’ moments in their careers so far…

Becky Barnes Founder of Becky Barnes Style…

We spoke to the incredible Becky to get her scoop into some of her most memorable stories throughout her career. We got a few from Becky but keep your eyes peeled as We think Becky may have something up her sleeve to share her lifetime career of amazing memories in her future.

“I remember a husband being really choked up once as he said to me “thank you for bringing my wife back” She had totally lost her confidence so it was wonderful to be able to give her a boost. I also remember a client asking me to chat to her dogs via a webcam whilst she was in the changing room! I felt a bit silly having a one-way conversation with 3 chihuahuas and a papillon”

Silvia founder of Silvia Style & Smile shares her uplifting stories as a Personal Stylist…

“One of my favourite stories is about a lady I helped when I volunteered for “Dress for success.” A charity which supports women restarting their career by supporting them with interview and new work outfits. The lady arrived in very sporty gear to her fitting appointment and like all the women who come to that charity, she had booked a session to try some workwear and get support with her image going into the industry again. She seemed quite sure of what she wanted and liked when I shyly proposed a red jacket, she immediately said: I am not a red person! I asked her to try it anyway. She loved it, changed her mind about the colour red. My client ended up picking that jacket to take home along with the other items. That made my day as not only did I help a vulnerable lady with finding her a new career but I Supported her new image and managed to build her confidence in fashion by trying new things.”

Charlotte Broom Founder of Charlotte Loves Style says…

“I worked in the fashion industry for over 18 years and prior to becoming a stylist, I worked with a ladies luxury brand. One of the highlights was watching ladies’ faces light up as they tried on clothes and seeing how the colours and styles flattered them, giving them confidence and creating a great first impression.

I was asked if I could style a customer at a local boutique, this was her husband’s response “OMG what can I say, I didn’t think my wife could be any more beautiful but my god!  You have made her into a supermodel!!!! She has deserved this for a long time, I can’t thank you enough!!!” This is exactly why I become a stylist, everyone deserves to look and feel their very best, and receiving this feedback is truly the best feeling in the world!”

Janine Founder of Own Your Style says…

“Working as a Style and Brand Image Coach and supporting women to become the best version of themselves inside and out is what I love to do through my personal styling, NLP Life coaching and marketing skills. My most amazing moments are always the overwhelming times when a client sees herself looking and feeling great after her transformation and turn to me with tears in their eyes of joy and emotion! My job feels like the best thing in the world in those moments and to feel I have impacted and helped to changed someone’s life is incredible. My biggest achievement has been building Own Your Style throughout the pandemic to the point that I now have both my home Studio and my beautiful destination Style Studio to welcome my clients personally located in gorgeous tranquil surroundings (it also gives me great home life-work balance too). It is a place for my clients to pause and reconnect with themselves which is what I think every woman deserves to do. I Am also super proud that my latest style retreat event in June sold out within 24 hours – we all need these moments to keep us positive and focused for sure”

As you can see, personal styling is an incredibly rewarding career. If you want to know more about it and to hear all our secrets to success, take a look at our ‘Secrets to becoming a successful stylist’ event. It’s packed full of insider info on how to become successful in, what we think, is one of the best jobs in the world, and we’ll be making you an offer you won’t want to refuse during our 90 minute on-line workshop – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/our-secrets-to-becoming-a-successful-personal-stylist-tickets-151443570797?aff=ebdssbeac