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The story so far…

The story so far…

Working mother. Household Manager. Wife. Life juggler. Balancing actor. Career woman?

“I want to be a mum and work – I don’t want to give up my entire career but I also want to give the best to my children”
Can you relate?

It’s great to see more parent led small businesses evolving around the nation supporting each other – take a look on Instagram and you’re specifically flooded with female entrepreneurs. Women are getting savvy, bringing in the bucks and re-inventing thriving independent businesses.

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10 years ago these were my words. Working away from home satisfying my need for city working with a young family in the country that came with a hefty commute and severe lack of family time. Something had to give. My career. Everything I had achieved was diminishing in to the distance. BUT I had chosen to start a family; such sacrifices come at a price. What to do now? I want to give the best to my children. Shall I work in a supermarket to pay the bills? Clean the neighbours house? Wait. I’ve worked hard for what – no future? Surely not…thus brainstorming began.

Where it began…
I love working in fashion, I have a great interest in psychology, understanding the way people tick, empowering people, I’m keen supporter of women in business. I chose to combine my skills and personality to make something work for me. At a time when Trinny & Susannah were fading faster than British Winter sunshine along came the female friendly, high street endorsing stylist Gok Wan and my opportunity to grow a career in an industry I love, doing what I do best. So Image Consulting it was, and my training began.

The first few years of my business weren’t as easy as I expected, particularly in an industry that wasn’t yet in it’s prime. It took me a few years to find my feet, juggle life, understand business wouldn’t find me. Figure what I’m comfortable with. How to connect with my audience change with the times. But here we are; 10 hard working years later. 

And there you are. Reading this – why? Perhaps you’re a loyal follower. Or interested to hear what TiCC is about or maybe you’ve just stumbled here. Either way – maybe there’s something I can do to help you if you’ve muttered the words I did and feel strongly about starting your own business.

If only I knew then what I know now!
Going back, I wish I had the support at my fingertips that seems readily available now. It is with this in mind combined with expertise and a trusted brand that I want to help other people pursue the career of their dreams too which is why I have developed TiCC as a platform to support other women in business.

Personal Stylist Training begins
After 10 years it fell upon me in 2016 this support should be extended and I was encouraged to develop my skills in to a Personal Stylist Training Course. Having considered the prospect for a couple of years previously I finally listened to my peers and throughout the year worked hard to gather the right information to connect with potential stylists whilst bringing my ethos and personality in to a training course that will work for everyone.

Never average. Always beyond…
We need guidelines, we need to follow rules. But you know what? We don’t all fit in to a box – which is where I struggled to understand some of the concepts I was taught, this was the springboard of determination for me to develop a course that thinks outside of the box. Which brings us to where we are now. The beginning of another journey that determines the future of many other women, mothers or not, that I am proud to support.

I digress!
I want to give you an understanding of where we’ve been as a business and the roots that determine TiCC’s personality defining our brand which we hope isn’t too corporate, brash or bold. We’re simply a business of good natured people, optimism, positivity, understanding, caring professionals that have a love for clothes. Take a look here for yourself

If you hear yourself muttering the same words as I did a few years agocome and talk to me. I’m happy to share knowledge at no cost. We all need a bit of support sometimes, I don’t mind being the first to put my hand up and offering help.

Next time, 10th Jan in fact, I’m going to talk to you about what’s new and happening here right now. Fancy a read? Check in to any of our social channels and follow us for a prompt reminder of all of our up and coming blogs, plus copious amounts of style tips!