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The Truth Behind Personal Styling

The Truth Behind Personal Styling

There is a common misconception that Personal Stylists are for the super-rich and celebrities only, to help them pick out their designer-clad outfits. This is far from the truth, and we are here to prove it. Read on for the truth behind Personal Styling…

Emmeline Stevens @personalstylists


Personal Styling is not like it appears on TV

A Personal Stylist does not want to change you. Forget the Trinny-and-Sussanah-esque way of Personal Styling, it’s not about What Not to Wear, its about what makes your client feel good on the inside and out. As a Personal Stylist, it doesn’t stop with the clothes your client wears, understanding and connecting with them to find out what works for them and helps them be the best that they can be is the key to success. The frills and air-kissing associated with the industry are “so last season.” 



Personal Styling is not just for the red carpet

With the industry growing rapidly, more and more women are seeking the services of a Personal Stylist. Styling isn’t just for the red carpet; if a woman gets their hair, nails, and makeup done, it’s clear they care about their appearance. So why would they not consider hiring someone who will be sure to give them that much-needed confidence boost when it comes to their wardrobe? Shopping for a special occasion or even the every day can be tedious if you don’t know what works for you, but why can’t shopping for yourself be fun again? At some point in our lives we’ve all had that moment where we’ve put on an item of clothing and twirled around in the mirror so pleased with our purchase that we couldn’t wait to wear it again, and we are here to assure you that that isn’t a once in a lifetime feeling. Once you find out what works for you there’s no looking back.


A Personal Stylist does not want to make you look like everyone else

Many of us lose our confidence after many life-changing factors; illness, childbirth, change in hormones, weight gain, peer pressure…the list goes on. Few women are 100% happy with their what nature gave them and the way their bodies look. A Personal Stylist is someone who can help transform the way a person perceives themselves simply with the tools they own. The truth is, we don’t all fit the mould of an Insta-Influencer, the enviable persona which, in the age of social media has replaced the magazine cover-girl look, but unless you walk around with a continuous filter over you, it’s just not real life. All bodies are great bodies as far as we’re concerned, it’s just about finding what’s best for you because you are unique and that’s what makes you amazing. It’s paramount to a Personal Stylist that you still feel like you and that your style reflects your personality, not just the latest trends.



As consumers we are busier than ever, and are often overwhelmed by brands, trends, and the ever-growing volume of clothing to choose from. Women aren’t just shoppers, they might be Mums, have jobs, go to the gym… to name a few. In a busy life-style, a Personal Stylist can save busy women valuable time and energy by offering their advice. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Personal Stylist? Our founder Emmeline Stevens is hosting a free insight into our Personal Stylist Training Course on 14th July in Bristol, where she’ll also be sharing her 5 top tips to becoming a successful Personal Stylist! Keep an eye on our social channels for more information, and contact us here to register for your free space, but be quick as they are limited!