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The Ultimate Survival Guide For A Rainy Summer Day

The Ultimate Survival Guide For A Rainy Summer Day

The unpredictability of the British weather has lived up to its name this summer. Glorious sunshine is soon followed by a heavy downpour leaving many unprepared and drenched. It is a difficult time to dress with many unsure of what to wear when leaving the house. The scorching summer morning can easily turn into a dreary afternoon so it is essential to be prepared.

Summer demands a kind of survival kit to get through each day as relying solely on the weather report is not a good idea. The temperature remains high even when the heavens begin to open leaving many sprinting for cover.

With hopefully a few weeks left of the humid climate, we’ve gathered a list to guide you through to avoid getting soaked on the school run!

  • Carry an umbrella in your bag at all times. You will be thankful when the showers set in.
  • Find a bag that is large enough to store the essentials. A backpack is a great alternative as it spreads the weight to avoid sore shoulders.
  • Layer lightweight, fine items that can easily be removed when the sun begins to shine.
  • Do not be tempted to wear heavy fabrics such as denim and wool as when wet are difficult to dry. WARNING! It may cause you to overheat!
  • Invest in a stylish raincoat that is breathable and lightweight. When caught in a heavy downpour you will be grateful of a layer to shelter under. Pick one that compliments your outfit.
  • Try to avoid light colours such as white and grey. White may become transparent and grey shows sweat marks – not a good look! Both could cause a little amount of embarrassment. Bold, bright colours are a great solution.
  • Leave the sandals at home on a rainy day and opt for a sturdy shoe with a non slip sole. A leather trainer may be the answer.


If you would like more rainy day summer tips please do get in touch. The British weather does dictate our outfits but remaining stylish IS certainly an option.