The weather in England is extremely difficult to predict with sunshine rays filling the sky one minute to heavy downfalls the next. We appreciate that it is worrying getting dressed in the morning as your sandals exposing your toes could be the next victim of an unexpected drench. Ruining your beautiful shoes or perfectly curled hair is not the best way to start the day! Don’t worry we have all been there, so our stylists have compiled a survival guide to living in England………….with style!!! 

  • Always carry an umbrella in your handbag to prepare for those sporadic downfalls. 
  • Wear layers, which can be easily removed depending on the climate. A small cardigan can slip underneath a blazer or jacket to add extra warmth.
  • Carry a brush, grips and bobble to tidy up your hair from the harsh wind.
  • A small sample of make up can brighten up your face if your morning appliance has started to disappear.
  • Ankle boots are extremely versatile and can be worn with Summer outfits, so if you feel that the weather may change opt for a sturdy boot over a sandal. If you have room pack a pair of alternative shoes or leave them in the car if parked near by.
  • Invest in a large size bag that can carry your survival guide essentials or a fold away lightweight tote to spread the load.
  • Pack a pair of sunglasses to look extra chic on those rare sunshine moments.
  • A pack of tissues or wipes are very useful to solve those fashion weather mishaps.
 For more tops tips and fashion faux pas’ head over to @theimageconsco. Even stylists have those dreadful moments from time to time………… and it appears that celebs do too!