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This Seasons Shoes – Spend or Save

This Seasons Shoes – Spend or Save

To all you self confessed shoe addicts who are in love with the buckled loafers of Gucci and severe points of Celine we’ve found stunning high street alternatives you will just adore. If your purse won’t quite stretch to the catwalk versions yet yearn for the high end designer feel look no further.  This seasons shoes are on point (excuse the pun) taking inspiration from the classic loafer and stiletto yet adding a stylish, high fashion edge to update your shoe collection for summer.

However, the ultimate question is are you willing to spend and get the real deal or will you fall in love with the high street options??

Loafering Around

The comfortable yet stylish loafer welcomes the Gucci buckle effortlessly adding a chic touch. Available in traditional brown and black for the classic, everyday look, the staple footwear will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe edit. For the bold amongst us rock the metallic, vivid shades or patterned styles to add a pop of colour to your style. Wear with your favourite denim, culottes or midi for sophisticated, easy dressing this summer.

The question is do you splurge on a Gucci original or save on the high street lookalike?

On Point

The severe pointed toe is a must have this season inspired by Celine. Again, an easy to wear style that will compliment your wardrobe choices. Slip on the minimalistic style available in a variety of shades with your summer dress, rolled up jeans or tulle skirt for a feminine finishing touch. Opt for a bold pink or red to stand out or pick the classic white or black. Make sure the point doesn’t squash your toes by choosing the right size. Try on a couple of different sizes to guarantee a painless summer.

Will you invest in a Celine design or save with the high street alternatives?